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Good 45 JHP?

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I'm looking for recommendations for a reliable feeding 45 JHP, for use in an unmodified GI barrel. I want an effective 230 grainer, but feeding is the first priority. Not for carry, but just in-case it's the closest pistol in time of need.
I figure the illustrious group that resides here can provide some recommendations.
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Remington 230 Golden Sabre. The ogive is very close to that of a hardball round, and expansion is supposed to be very good besides.
I find Winchester White Box 230-grain JHPs feed absolutely perfect in my un-modified GI type barrel.

Yes Remington Golden Saber, a bit more rounded than other JHP

I have to say, if your looking for reliability in unmodified GI barrel you may have no choice but to stick with a good FMJ.
Try a box of the Rem GoldenSabre. If it feeds well, you've found your answer.
Hello. I've had good luck with the Golden Sabers as well.

Well, the weight is on Golden Sabres. I'll give them a go and if OK keep a box or 2 around the house.
Thanks all.
What about Corbon PowRBall? It was designed for guns that required hardball ammo. It is reported to have good expansion.
I thought about that one, but I like the heavier weight. I want the same POI as my usual 230 FMJ. I haven't experimented yet, but I'm hoping the 230 FMJ and 230 JHP will be close.
I have 4 1911s (1912, 1917, 1923 & a 1967 reissue commemorative) plus 3 1911a1s (1927, 1943, 1943) all unmodifed.

All of them feed Remington G.S. and the standard Remington 230 JHP (as well as the 185 jhp) from G.I. magainzes. They also feed Winchester USA (the old subsonic load) from G.I. mags. The old type G.I. all of them work with Wilson or McCormick Power Mags as well.

I have had mixed results with Hydra-shocks but that is because they change the shape from time to time...the last iteration (which looks like a trucated round nose) seems to work as does the federal EFMJ. I do not have trouble with H-S in my custom guns, Kimbers or newer Colts.

I have not had good results in unmodified guns with Speer Gold Dot...I cannot explain why - they look like they should feed.

I got 2 100rnd. boxes of Rem. JHP at Wally World, and they feed fine. One cost $21.00 and the other $18.00. Ooops, someone must have screwed-up!
I think I've satisfied my limited needs...for now.
My best information from ammo testers does NOT recommend Golden Saber in .45 ACP, which does not meet FBI terminal ballistics criteria. It's a good choice in 9mm and .40, but not in .45 ACP. In terms of terminal performance, I trust only Speer GDHP 230 gr, Win Talon 230 gr, Barnes/Taurus/CorBon 185 gr, or Federal Tactical 230 gr.

Speer 230 gr GDHP gets my nod most of the time. It's easy to get and feeds very reliably even in non-ramped barrels.
Local city PD uses the 200gr +P GDHP in their SIG 220's. Seems to work for them.


My GI Springfield 1911 feeds 185gr Gold Dots just like ball. As they are loaded to +P, they work just fine.
Hello. Doc, that's quite interesting, as FBI HRT used or uses 230-gr. Golden Sabers. It is my understanding that they are moving to Winchester Ranger due to that company's charging considerably less than others, including Remington.

Being aware of more than one instance in which 230-gr. Golden Saber was used and having seen it used on several deer, I'd have no problem using this ammunition for serious purposes.

The Gold Dots seem to be pretty darned good in whatever caliber they're used in, but I have seen more instances in which they failed to feed in some pistols. A friend of mine was forced to shoot a felon with one from his Colt Gov't Model. It did the trick as he hit the bird in the head and it's a good thing as the gun jammed...which is another example of why we must test any "serious" ammo in the gun it's to be used in.

Stephen: Yes, I was surprised that Golden Saber didn't meet the FBI criteria when tested by 2 independent labs. Keep in mind that I have friends in LE who refer to the FBI as "postmen with guns", although I would never dream of using that terminology. The same friends have a much more positive attitude toward the U.S. Marshals and the Border Patrol, mind you. Just as an observation, mind you.

As I understand it the failures by the Golden Saber ammo in .45 ACP were marginal. I would not hesitate to carry GS if that's what I had (and I had tested it for reliability in my gun, of course).

I am like most people, I don't have time to test every brand in every caliber annually to see what (still) works or not. I rely on people who test ammo for serious LE agencies to tell me what is currently workable. For the past 3 to 4 years, Gold Dot and Ranger Talon have topped my favored testers' lists in 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP.

Your friend's experience with his Colt Gov. model underscores the IMPERATIVE to test your carry ammo in YOUR gun before you carry it. I have found that GDHP's and RaT's will not necessarily feed in Govt models due to their precipitous ogive. However, spending an hour or two with a sheet of 600 grit wet/dry sandpaper in front of the TV will usually address that problem nicely. There are few 1911's that couldn't benefit from a little feed ramp polishing.
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Hello. I tend to agree with the "postmen" thing for most, but the few HRT folks I've met were in fact shooters. In any event, your information is appreciated and serves as another source of "food for thought."

I still sort of have less than a lot of faith in gelatin or other homogeneous test media and I understand that now some of the lab guys have said that it is merely way to uniformly compare one bullet's performance against another in a realistic medium, but I continue to see very, very different results when using the same bullets, sometimes from the same box, in larger living animals.

One example would be Corbon's .45ACP PowRBall. It is a rapid expander reported to penetrate 12" minimum. Yet, others and myself are seeing considerably less penetration than that in deer. I like some Corbon products, but now consider this one only for low penetration and as a substitute for the Glaser.

A bullet that generally garners lower rankings from both major sides in the "stopping power" issue is Hornady's XTP. I reckon I've seen more "one shot stops" on animals (not men) with this one in 9mm and .45 ACP than I have with any other. One gent I was in email contact with yesterday reported using the factory version 9mm TAP 124-gr. against a felon and it worked fine.
(By "fine" I mean that the guy staggered on the first chest hit and toppled over dead as a hammer with the second.) Now this one case that I'm aware of is not statistically valid to be sure, but it matches what I've been seeing over and over again with this bullet.

Likewise, I have never shot any human with a Golden Saber in any caliber nor seen one shot, but have shot some fairly big Texas deer with them. Expansion was consistent and penetration was always through and through on broadside. Angling shots showed the bullet penetrating roughly 14 to 16". In about 20 to 25% of the shots, the jacket did separate from the lead core, which was expanded to sort of an XTP profile. The jacket/bullet separation occurred within the last few inches of penetration, usually about 2".

The thing I like about all of the expanding ammo is that most of it actually does now; I can sure remember when such was not the case. With the selection out there, we should be able to find a load that meets our perceived needs.

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