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Good 185 gr .45 round for self-defense and hunting

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Anyone have experience with a good .45 auto 185 gr. JHP for self-defense and hunting? I would primarily use such a round for self-defense but would also use it in a Gov't .45 as a backup to a .308 rifle.

Thanks in advance. ;)
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Hello. I have not really looked into much in that weight for .45 ACP, but will be doing a test on the new Corbon DPX 185-gr. +P hollow point in the near future.

I have not personally tested these and know of no one who has used them on either animals or felons, but I believe that Remington offers Golden Sabers in 185-gr, both at standard and +P ratings. I've had good luck in recent times with Golden Saber in 230-gr., but have not worked with the 185-gr.

As you mention "hunting back up", you might take a look at Hornady's 200-gr. XTP. It can be had at both standard and +P velocities and is normally a very accurate load in most pistols. I've killed a deer with the 200-gr. in a handloaded equivalent to the +P and got complete penetration on a broadside shot. I know this is a bit heavier than the 185-gr. weight you specified, but it might be worth a look.

Best and good luck.
Hello, Jim. I've noted the very same thing in animals: less penetration. I find this interesting as 10% ballistic gelatin is based on Fackler's results using hogs' hind quarters. I've wondered what this difference is from. Do you think it might be hide thickness? I cannot recall where, but it seems that I read human hide (back) is roughly equivalent to 4" of ballistic gelatin. IF this is right and IF the toughness of the animal hides is the cause of the divergence, it would be fairly easy to see, given enough examples of actual penetration in the same species.

I know I witnessed repeatedly poor performance with the Federal 165-gr. Hydrashok on javelina and one using the 230-gr. version.

Hello, Jim. I'd not said much about it in "public" due to the attitudes on some sites, but the wet pack and animals do seem pretty darned close. This is why I don't feel too "bad" that I don't have the bucks to spend on ballistic gelatin and a controlled environment. Doing the expanision thing in wet pack and water usually tells me what I want to know.

Thanks again.

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