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Glockers: What would your NON-Glock gun be?

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Hello. IF you could not use a Glock, what semiauto would you use in its place?

Please keep answers serious and on-topic. I've posted the opposite question to Non-Glockers in another thread.

I'm seriously interested in what you as a Glock fan would pick as second best if not allowed to own, use, carry the "Plastic Fantastic."

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Stephen,

Already bought one: a nice older (1973) Browning. :) :) :)

(Googling around looking for Browning info led me to your excellent site, which led me here. Thanks for all the work.)


Hi there Stephen,

It would be my BHP Mark III. While I don't consider myself to be a "Glocker", I do consider them to be very tough/utilitarian firearms. I do own a Glock 23 in .40 S&W, but don't shoot it that much.

1911. That S&W/Walther 99 in .45 acp kind of intrigues me too.

Now that I've gotten comfortable with my G19, I'm starting to appreciate plastic guns. They suck aesthetically, but they take abuse, and I don't worry too much scratching my Glock.
SAC, yes, I do carry a Glock on occasion and my response is no surprise to you. If not a Glock my choice is a Bersa Thunder 45. Why? The damned thing is my car/carry gun and it does everything I need without costing an arm and a leg. Is there anything I would change on my Bersa Thunder 45? Yes, I would like a heavier recoil spring but Wolff does not offer one. Regards, Richard
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In my former Job I was not allowed to carry a glock because of corporate stupidity and arrogance. And SA's were also "verboten". Therefore my choice was a S&W/Walther P99 .40cal which met the criteria for the company and gave me vertually the same type plastic pistol as the Glock but with some style.

I was a Glock G19 fan several years ago until I compared it side by side at the range with my Springfield 1911. The Springfield won. While the G19 is accurate and reliable, the Springfield 45 is a bullseye pistol by comparison. I use it for all my centerfire matches. I plan to give the G19 to one of my boys.
Then I will have no Glocks at all. Only other "plastic" 9mm I have is the Kahr PM9 which is not more accurate but it fits in my pocket and so far is reliable. The Glock didn't fit the pocket. Had one of the early KT plastic 9mm's, P11 I think. Trigger was terrible, hurt to shoot it, traded. (Had one plastic KT that the plastic warped from Mili-Tec lub, go figure!!)
Sorry, Glocks are not on my list. No more plastic KT either.
The only other gun I would carry besides my Glock 19 is the only other gun I am qualified to carry on my job a Sig P225.
I'm going to offer another possibility: Ruger P series autos (97,95, or 90).

Bullshot ::)

My Glock is sort of like my work truck, only I probably hold less affection for the tupperware.

If I didn't have the Glock, really the only 9mm I'd want to carry would be my BHP. For which I feel genuine emotion.
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Greetings Mr. Camp.

My non-glock gun would be the Beretta 8000 Cougar F.It's ergonomics are superior(for me) compared to glocks.The fit is perfect wether one or two handed.

Its a fine shooting pistol too.Slide action is the smoothest out of all the semi's I own.Accuracy is very good.And the recoil is nonexistent.

I have yet to experience a malfunction with this Beretta.I'm the 3rd person to own this particular Beretta Cougar.Based on all this, I see more Berettas in my future.
My Kimber 1911. Very interested in a CZ97 but the only one I've shot is a range loaner with sorry sights.
My issue weapon is a Glock 22. I am very comfortable with it. Although it took some time to get used to holstering without applying a safety.

If I could not carry it then I would go to my Sig 229 in .357 SIG (or .40 S&W) for a double action gun. The my Colt series 70 Govt. would be my SA gun. I do carry both even now. I admit that the GM is getting carried less and less though. No reason other than I truly love that gun and like an old hunting dog, she still gets hunted but has earned her rest.

Let's see... either a Sig 228 or 225, a steel Commander in .40 S&W, a CZ Compact, a FM Detective Hipower, or a HiPower .40. As far as which one is second choice...they all tie for me behind my Glock 19.
When I have my choice of autos, I most often find a MKIII with me.

If not that, then a round trigger guard S&W 5906.

I'd like to try a S&W 952 and see how I do with it.

My Glocks are tough, practical, and ugly......

Mr. Camp,

I love my G-23 as a carry piece... lightweight, potent-enough caliber (my opinion), finish is tough as nails, short trigger reset, very respectable magazine capacity, large enough to shoot well, and small enough that it disappears for me in a SmartCarry. But, it does not point like a 1911, fit my hand like a 1911, shoot as well as my 1911s, ..., ..., ..., have the power of a .45 ACP or, honestly, the "intrigue factor" for me.

Obviously, the answer is the 1911; but, dag nabbit, I just haven't figured out how to conceal one yet in So. Flo. business attire (no jacket), which is definitely a "printing is brandishing" zone.

Everything in life is a trade-off. ::)

Good question. Hmmmm. Life without my Glocks..... Since discovering your fine articles and this board, my choice would probably now be my BHP in 9mm. You have made me "rediscover" this old friend, and I am going to have it brought up to "modern" standards and fighting trim (better sights, etc.). Pictures will follow one day, when it is ready..... Thank you for all your work to promote the BHP! It is a fine, timeless design that deserves a place in my holster.
I like sw 99 in 45 acp.Shoots great and has nice trigger!
Easy. Spent about a year trying to learn to love (?) or at least hit well with a G17--a futile exercise in my case. The only 9s I own are an Inglis BHP and FN Mk III which to me are superior on all counts--at least in my hands.

If talking in terms of full sized pistols in general, a good 1911 does it for me.

If I had to arm an entire agency, army, or horde, I would chose the Glock as a Volksgun.
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