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Glock Plastic Sights

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I know that one of the most common changes to Glock pistols is the replacement of the factory plastic sights. I imagine that some people do this because they believe that "the only thing better than steel is more steel", but is there any other legitimate reason to swap out the plastic sights (besides preference)? Are they prone to breakage ?
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Sir, from what I've heard they have an annoying tendancy of falling off.

I've not seen this personally.

Josh <><
Hello. If the holster rubs the plastic front sight, it is ground down pretty quickly if you practice drawing quite a bit. I've seen the rear sights knocked completely off the gun as they were not on the slide all that tight.

Breakage of the front sight is common. Easy fix, but annoying at the least and potentially much more if you *really* need it.

Other drawbacks of the stock sights--at least to me--are the "busy" sight picture with dots, lines, and whatall; and the narrow rear sight width that doesn't allow as much light on the sides of the front sight as I need.

I have put Novak plain blacks on a 17 and 19 and found them a great improvement.

Unfortunately that didn't do much for the trigger...
Thanks for the replies everyone. It seems odd that a manufacturer that makes a gun with such a reputation for rugged durability would use such flimsy sights. I guess stranger things have happened. I suppose if I am thinking of buying a Glock, I should factor in the cost of a new set of sights.

I was looking at a G17 today and will say that the trigger reset was wonderfully short, and once reset, there was absolutely no takeup. I like the feel of the XD better, but between the two, the Glock's trigger suits me better. Decisions decisions....
Every design has a weak link, and the front sight is Glock's. Well, there are a few, but the front sight is at the top of the list.
Hi there,

Yes, there are a lot of reasons to swap out the Glock factory plastic sights.

My current Glock 23 wears a pair of Meprolight Night Sights and I find the sight acquisition is a lot quicker with the 3 dot night sights as opposed to the standard white outline U and white dot configuration of the current sights.

While swapping out the the sights is relatively easy, Glockmeister.com of Phoenix, AZ offers a lot of options for sights including a sets of factory sights for different sight heights, night sights and all of the necessary installation tools.

I have spent a good deal of time around Glock Shooters and have not heard of any reports of the sights simply falling off from shooting. I have had at least one occasion when the front sight on my Springfield Armory 1911 shot loose on a factory gun.

Shoot, enjoy, customize, and repair...part of the pride of ownership...

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The Glock plastic sights are kind of like Glock saying; "if plastic is good enough for the frame, why not the sights", Ya?

Any of the G-series I plan on keeping gets steel replacements. I had Heinies on my G23 and they were superb.

Stephen, I've seen front sights so badly worn as to be all but useless. Not much left of them.

On my first Glock many moons ago (model 19 when they first came out), a brisk bump on the rear of the slide whilst tap-rack-banging a malfunction sent part of the overhanging adjustable factory sight flying off the gun. Haven't owned a semi-auto with that type of configuration since.
True story; when I got my first Glock I happened to find a set of meprolite sights in the range pro-shop and took them to my buddy the gunsmith and said. I know how to put these on but is there some special tool for taking off the existing front sight (I lready had the slide off).

He said, "Yep there is...." as he laid the slide up against a post holding up his workbench and gave it a light rap with the palm of his hand which instantly popped the sight off ".... In the industry we call it a 2X4." he said with a wry smile :-/

That's good news for me - I've got some Ameriglo night sights that should be arriving today from Natchez, and it's good knowing the factory originals should pop right off!
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