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Hi all,

In the post about non-glockers preference, I mentionned that my favorite might be a 26 with a longer barrel, 19's lengh, which would give a plus in velocity without sacrificing much in portability.

Saturday, in my range, I tried the combo in my 26 with 19's and 17's barrels lended by the attender. Both worked perfectly! With about 20 rounds in each, I don't pretend it is the definite test for reliability and durability.

My question is for chrono freaks. Does anyone have measured the velocities of the 19 vs 26? Or does anyone has reference about it?

Subsidiary: has anyone heard about such a conversion (19's barrel in a 26)?

For your info, the look is sheer with the 19's barrel (a "Berettesk" Glock) and awful with the 17's (toy carbine).

Thanks in advance.


I bought myself a Glock 26 9mm several years ago..I took it home and showed it to my wife..she confiscated it..has had it ever since

Call Bar-Sto aand ask them if a G19 barrel will work in a G26. I have inserted my G19 in my G27 and it definitely fits. My guess is your idea will work but I am not sure it will improve the performance that much. Regards, Richard
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