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Glock +2 Mag Ext.?

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Has anybody used Glock factory +2 Mag Extensions yet? Been thinking of getting a couple. Later.
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I have the +2 extensions on two of my M19 mags.

They are now 17 round mags. No problems in several years.

Hope this helps.
I've got them (factory-installed) on my 33-rounders and my 12-rounder (formerly LE-only) for my G26. They work like everything else from Glock, boringly well.
I have them on one of my G19 magazines. Not sure if it is factory or not, but I havent had any problems.

I wonder if we can add them to the newer generation of mags?
Let me rephase the thread...how many have the new generation +2 Glock Factory magazine extensions. They are supposeded to be +2 even on the .40/.357 Glock mags and I was just wondering if that meant you could get 3 rds. of 9mm in them? Because a +2 .40 mag ext usually means it will be +3 9mm mag ext. Look in Brownell's at the mag extensions....a +5 in 9mm will usually be 4 in .40.
I believe my +2s on the G18 mags and the G26 mag are the new variety (don't know the part # that they're always quoting on Glock Talk, and don't have the mags available to pull the number off the +2): they allow +2 9mms only.
The Glockmeister has them for 14 each. His come with a new spring as well. I asked him at a gun show and he said a mag extension must have the new spring or the mag may not feed well if the standard spring is used.
Don't know, but I guess some plus 2's come without a spring.
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