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My questions is for the ex-milatary or currently in the service.

The 9 mm that they give (issued) to you, is that a wepon that you feel comfortable with it automatically or will it come with time.


Chris and all,

Good question. Certainly confidence with a weapon is due to the weapon itself, your ability to shoot it well, and sometimes how long it's been in service and the reputation it's earned.

Kind of a case of being familiar with your weapon. Unfortunately, sometimes familiarity breeds contempt...;-)

This goes back to our previous threads on is it "comforting or is it comfortable".

When I was on active duty I knew a lot of folks that didn't like the 1911's. Interestingly enough every combat veteran that had used one to save his bacon LOVED the old war horse.

It's a tough choice when you're trying to adopt a new gun, new caliber, manual of arms, training, AND still have to convince the "bean counters" that it's what is needed.

My first time with a 1911 was at age eight, so, I'm not the guy to ask about getting issued a service pistol and having faith in it. I already had 10+ years experience with that platform...

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