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Hy friends,

8 geco bullets 9x19 para felt into my hands. They don't see so new.

I have searched the internet, and I have found the bullets have a plastic cap that fails after shooting and make the bullet expand or tumble in the target.

Can you comment me more about this bullets? Are they safe to be shot at the range?

Are they corrosive for the gun?

Any other comments?

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Hello. Sounds like the Geco "BAT" round (Blizt Action Trauma). They are non-corrosive. The rounded cap covers a deep and wide hollow point that is a homogeneous and of a copper alloy. I think this is what you have. If you can pull a bullet and there is a small hole centered in the base, I'm sure of it. When fired, the bullet and plug/cap leave the barrel separated. The gas from the powder blows the cap from the bullet, exposing the large hollow point.

It's been years since I've seen any of these rounds which were intended to be reliable feeders in guns that had troubles with JHP's. I don't remember them being particularly hot but I believe that they grouped alright from a Hi Power. I think they were around 86 to 90 grains but cannot remember for sure.


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iagbarrb, Stephen, and all.

Back in 2005 I did some 9mm and .40 ammo tests and posted them. Among the data was the results for the Geco Action Safety Bullet (BAT) load. From my 9mm Hi-Power the 86 grain bullet clocked an average of 1,382 FPS for 10 rounds.
The design is such that the hollow point extends completely through the bullet. Upon firing the bullet exits with the lighter plastic nose cap being pushed ahead due to lighter weight and a higher velocity. The plastic nose cap makes a reverse parachute roll out of the way of the bullet.
These were reputed to be made for German anti-terrorist teams after the Munich Olympic incidents. These also run well in the MP-5 SMG.
I'm sitting on three unopened and sealed boxes of 50 if anyone is interested PM me.
Hope this helps.

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