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In another thread I mentioned that I learned a lot about shooting using Duckhunt on Nintendo.

The way I used the "pistol" varied from drawing when the first duck came out to starting at low ready.

I got good this way and was able to keep all my shots on a 6" pie plate the first time I picked up a pistol, 25yds. I had been practicing speed and concentrating on the front sight. I even got to the point where the maximum length of the "pistol" cord wouldn't give me the range I wanted.

In Vincennes a laundrymat had an old video game - a shoot/no shoot scenario. The "guns" were Beretta - like and weighted. I must have pumped $200 into that machine.

We have one here at the bowling alley but the sights are off. Kentucky windage in a fast paced game isn't my thing.

I really miss that Nintendo though. It helped me develop muscle memory that I would not have had otherwise.

So what do you guys think? Do video games have their places in the world of firearms training?


Josh <><

Heh the good old days of simple graphic games. I think that the way video games can benefit shooters, is that they keep your reflexes sharp and your mind working.
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