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Fun with my Polish Tokarev

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Hi all,

A few years back I picked up a really nice Polish Tokarev from SOG. I think it cost $129. The quality of manufacture of this Radom pistol was superb. (I don't have a digital camera, but here's a link to a Cruffler.com review of the model that shows what I mean: http://www.cruffler.com/review-March-01.html )

The Polish Toks came with these goofy left thumbrest grips, to make them importable. Unfortunately, it made them pretty nigh unshootable for us southpaws. I got out the file and filed off a lot of the thumbrest, but it still wasn't comfy to have under my trigger finger.

They also came with a very well-designed add-on trigger block safety (again, so they could be imported). The Toks, of course, started out life with no safety at all (one doesn't carry these around with a round in the chamber), but the Poles came up with a much nicer system than the one used by the Russians and the Chinese on their USA-export Toks. The Polish safety is a nice piece that sits in front of the left-side grip, and requires the special thumbrest grip to operate (since it relies upon a cut-out in that grip for its required range of motion). Check out the Cruffler.com article for photos. Again, though, this safety, as well-designed and unobtrusive as it is, was under my trigger finger.

I took the safety off, and the gun shot better for me without the protruberance under my trigger finger. But there was now a hole all the way through the frame - big lint magnet. So, I went to a machinist friend and had him machine a part that would fit through the frame and occlude the holes, yet would not block the trigger bar extension. This way, I can put the safety back on any time I want to, yet I can shoot the gun in comfort. The machining came to $30, and I cold-blued the part to match the rest of the gun. It looks like it belongs there.

I sent off to Poland for some original grips. $20, postpaid on PayPal from Robert Kruk ([email protected], for those who may be interested). He sent me some gorgeous new grips. They needed fitting, however, so I got out the Dremel tool and managed to get the left grip panel on. (I then managed to break the right grip panel, which bums me no end, since these original grips have the Radom factory logo on them. Fortunately, the thumb-rest left grip had been replaced, so the pistol now feels proper in my hand.)

This weekend, loaded up with the 1/3 of a case of Romanian 7.62x25 ammo that I bought (split the case with two other friends) last week, I hit the range. Wow, what a nice shooting gun. The '80s Romanian ammo (surplus from AIM) is hotter than S&B commercial (just judging from report and recoil - never have replaced that chrono that got shot in the early '90s :-/ ), and was quite accurate and completely reliable. I was interested to see that I actually shot it better offhand than off the bench (1.5" 8-shot groups at 10 yards offhand). The supersonic report of the 7.62x25 (the 88-gr bullets are coming out the front at at least 1400 fps) drew folks over to see what I was shooting, and all who took a few shots with the gun agreed that it was quite pleasant to shoot.

The Toks really are great guns to shoot. The sound is sharp enough to let you know that you've launched something of consequence, the round is reasonably accurate, the bottlenecked round is incredibly reliable (I've never had a jam with this or any other bottlenecked pistol round), and the recoil is so minimal that you'd be happy to shoot the gun all day. One of the better plinking rounds, that's for sure.

Anyway, I'm a happy boy. I've got my Polish Tok (my ".32 Automag"
) in great shape for my use, I've got a fresh batch of ammo that's terrific to shoot: the world is my oyster!

Anyone else have a 7.62x25 they like to shoot?
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Hello and thanks for the very interesting report. I have no experience with these pistols and really enjoyed the post. If I happen to find a clean one at the right price in my neck of the woods, I might just give one a try.

Thanks again and best.
Thanks for your experience. I'm also interested in the 7.62x25 cartridge and I'm looking to pick up a CZ52 soon. All these old military pistols are a terrific buy these days.
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A friend bought a CZ52 last Thursday, to shoot the OK CCW course with. He got out of there with the CZ52, 2 mags, holster, and three 70 round boxes of Czech non-corrosive surplus ammo, plus tax - for $160 odd dollars. He told me where he got it and I called them.

They said they'd send me an ink-signed FFL. Gonna have them call his wife to pick up the CZ83 when the package gets from FFL to FFL, and she'll fill out the 4473 ( if that's the transfer sheet ). Oh, he does get get to buy the ammo for her though when she goes for HER CCW.

You see, he can handle 'bout anything face to face, but like a lot of us, he's got a more than ample backside to cover, which is where his wife comes in. He may be a Cherokee Warrior, but she'd chew up and spit out a wolverine in pieces if he went for her hubby. Maybe I should tell him I feel better when he's got a responsible adult with him.

PS: Makarov.com has HP 7.62x25 ammo for sale, he tells me.
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Hi Erich,

Thank you for the great report!

Up to this point, I have heard or read much about the Polish Tokarev. I keep seeing them in my monthly SOG sales flyers, but haven't really given them much thought.

When I get up to speed on some other projects, I may go ahead and order one for myself. How are the ammunition prices/availability? Do you know if there are any domestic manufacturers for the ammo?

There are no domestic manufacturers (aside from some vefy small outfits), but Winchester imports S&B 7.62x25 under the USA brand name.

The boxer-primed, non-corrosive S&B runs about $7.50 a box of 50 from Natchez. The berdan-primed, corrosive Romanian surplus was about the same per box of 72.

SOG still lists them in sale flyers? May I ask for what price and in what condition?
My apologies Erich, I was thinking of the CZ-52's and not the Tokarev's. Somehow, the posted picture kept me thinking of seeing one thing and thinking of another.

My new job has my mind multi-tasking on too many levels. :-/


Drat! ;)

Hey, but there's nothing wrong with a CZ-52 . . .
My father owns a Chinese Tokarov that he absolutely loves. I've shot it much, considering he takes it out every range session. Excellent pistol, between the two of us shooting we've put nearly 1250 rounds of Russian, Chinese, and Czech 7.62x25 ammo down range with it, without a SINGLE problem. Although, I digress, I choose to stand to his left now when he shoots it(anyone standing to the right of a Tok being fired will know what I mean!).

His, like yours Erich, also had that little safety, which we also removed from the gun. Although, he does carry his CCW in condition 2(round in chamber, hammer in half-cock notch).

I really like the 7.62x25mm Tokarov round, I find it shoots flat, is quite powerful, and in a Tokarov has positive function and ejection. It shoots relatively clean, my biggest complaint are those wrap around thumbrest grips, which cause my hand to sit high and suffer from hammer bite.

I've found the Toks to be great guns and the drop in 9x19 conversion is quite handy if you want to conserve a bit of the more expensive 7.62 ammo.

Ok, I've rambled enough.

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Hi Rob,

I like Toks a lot, but I beg you to ask your father to reconsider his carry mode. Based on my limited knowledge of how Toks work, it's not safe enough. In my opinion, Toks should be carried with the hammer down on an empty chamber only - no one should rely on that half-cock safety.

I'd hate to see something terrible happen to a fellow Tok lover. :-/

Oh, and welcome aboard, Rob! :)
cheers, erich
I just found this thread after posting an initial question on the CZ52.

To the point on Condition 2 carry - I agree that this is probably not prudent. Also I have some slide lock problems although that may be a function of the mags I have.

Anyhow, nice to find ya'll - do like the CZs.
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