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Saw a FN HP DAO at a show today. Absolutely new in the hard plastic FN marked box with two clips, cleaning kit, manual, FN lock, fired brass, silica gel... S/N 382MM01xxx (2000 right?) Smooth black finish. For sure never fired, probably never had the slide pulled.

Had not been looking for one of these or seen one before - so had not studied up any. It looked like the BDA9 in Stevens' book on page 276-280, but I did not see "BDA9" anywhere on it.

Price was $549, but I think there was some wiggle room. Might this have been one of CDNNs pistols? I had not paid much attention to the CDNN stock as I was not in the market. This looked pretty nice.

What's your experience with these? How's the price look?


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Thanks gentlemen. Exactly the analysis I was looking for.

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