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Saw a FN HP DAO at a show today. Absolutely new in the hard plastic FN marked box with two clips, cleaning kit, manual, FN lock, fired brass, silica gel... S/N 382MM01xxx (2000 right?) Smooth black finish. For sure never fired, probably never had the slide pulled.

Had not been looking for one of these or seen one before - so had not studied up any. It looked like the BDA9 in Stevens' book on page 276-280, but I did not see "BDA9" anywhere on it.

Price was $549, but I think there was some wiggle room. Might this have been one of CDNNs pistols? I had not paid much attention to the CDNN stock as I was not in the market. This looked pretty nice.

What's your experience with these? How's the price look?



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Hello. I suspect that it very well could have come from CDNN's inventory and think it might be the same gun you mention w/o the "BD" markings as it would not have been imported by Browning. I do not recall for sure that Browning imported this pistol or not but that would explain the marking differences between what was read in the book and what you saw at the table.

I have no experience with this pistol other than to shoot a couple over the years. As best as I recall, the guns functioned fine. Internal parts are quite different than the Hi Power and I'm not sure if spare parts can be had. The gun's magazines do not interchange with the standard single-action Hi Power's.


The FN HP DAO that you saw, and a compact variant, was sold by CDNN for perhaps a year, but not for some months now. I got one of these (the full-size) when they were being wholesaled for $330. (For a time they were being wholesaled for $280.) They are a pretty typical DAO auto, with a long, heavy-ish trigger pull. You shoot it like a DA revolver: Pull smoothly straight through while keeping the sights aligned on the target.

$549 is much too high, considering what the seller probably got it for and that none of these "HP descendants" are any longer in production, which means parts and service support is or will be finite.

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