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Howdy sir. I have never owned a .32 auto, so I can only respond from logic, rather than experience.

Between the two I would select the brand that functions the most reliably in my pistol.

If both are 100%, with any caliber, but perhaps even more so with the smaller calibers, I think shot placement is very important for self-defense carry. So I would choose the brand that is the most accurate in my pistol. Then I would buy enough ammo that I could practice with both until I was confident I could hit well with it.

If both brands give equal accuracy, then I would go with the brand I had the best availability of, as the odds suggest I would always be able to buy another box or two of my "carry round".

Some folks might replace availability with cost, saying buy whichever is cheaper, which is certainly their right. I think knowing I can buy another box or two is more important to me. Besides it is my life I am talking about, so I would be worth the extra cost to me anyway.

As I said, I have never owned this caliber. Others with first hand experience may have very valid reasons why one brand is a better choice than the other. I think first hand experience is always better than "arm chair logic" which is all I can offer you.

Hopefully others will offer some more intelligent answers based on personal experience.

Hope this helps a little anyway.

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