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Today I did a little trading with one of the local gundealers and acquired a box of ammo that I have a few questions about,

The ammo maker is FN and the box is marked "Made in Italy". The label is marked 5.7x28 Standard Round and SS197 S.R. Ammunition and 50 round box.

These rounds are loaded with a blue colored plastic tip bullet that I believe is the Hornady 40 grain V-MAX.

I checked the last edition of COTW (9th) that I have and there was no mention of this round.

A Google search turned up some info, but nothing that really helps me.

What kind of velocity does this load produce in a handgun barrel of conventional length? I'm thinking around 2100 fps, but that is just a guess on my part.

It is a wicked looking little bottleneck round. I own a S&W Model 53 chambered for the .22 Rem Jet and handload for it. It would be interesting to own a auto pistol that could give me .22 Jet like performance.

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