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FN 1910-Browning M 1971

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Saw a strange to me Browning in a gun shop today. Looked like a FN 1910 but longer slide thumb rest grips and adjustable sights. .380

Home looking it up it's a variation of the FN 1910 imported by Browning in the mid 70's Cute pistol, Forged, nice machine work and deep blue. Looks near new.

Strange but it is in the same shop I bought my 1982 HP with Adjustable sights last month. Shop Owner was not there to ask but I bet it came from the same place. He had said my HP came from an estate.

Anybody know anything about these pistols ? I have no real use for it, Who needs a stretched target sighted pocket pistol. But it was interesting and not priced high either.

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These guns were made in this configuration to allow importation under the Gun Control Act of 1968. Imported guns needed a certain number of points (awarded for various features) before they could be imported. Length of slide, adjustable sights, & target grips were all worth 'extra' points that would get an otherwise banned gun import status.

Gun Trivia: Glocks are imported with adjustable sights for the same reason and then changed out of fixed sights.
One of the little tidbits they throw at you in the Glock Armourers' course.
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