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Hello Fellow Firearm Friends All,

I just noticed that on Nov 2 I have been participating on this Forum for 1 year.

At age 70 and having been around guns all my life I knew a lot about them, but you cannot begin to imagine how much I have learned this last year from your responses to my questions, and the posts you have made. Just to name my most major accomplishment I went from not knowing what the "inside" of a 1911 pistol looked like to learning how to detail strip one, how and why the parts worked the way they do to actually "building" my own custom GM 45 ACP 1911. And I am just an old retired high school math teacher with no experience doing anything like this before.

Without your help, and, of course, the books, videos, and the good people over on the Caspian Forum I would have never been able to pull this feat off.

I THANK all of you. Keep those good posts coming, and remember there are a lot of people like me out here reading them.

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