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Hi All,

There are several firearms I'd like to get, or get back. I used to have an extensive collection and am down to three as I sold most before my first college stint. I wasn't sure I could take all of them and I knew they wouldn't be oiled, cleaned, or wiped down regularly.

Anyway, here's what I'd like to start with:

1911 pattern pistol, subdued ambi safety and Commander or bobbed hammer, as well as a flat MS housing. Taurus' model is very close to what I want; I'd just change out the beavertail. I've never owned a 1911 and want something I can work on.

BHP patent. I like my Taurus 92 and plan to continue using it as a carry gun. However, it's about middle aged at 10,000+ rounds through it. I'd like a BHP to replace it as I find myself carrying cocked'n'locked more and more often these days. I'm not overly fond of the shorter than 5" barrel, but that's me and probably makes no real difference. I wouldn't mind playing with turning it into a .40 and .357sig as well though the I have no desire to own those two cartridges, but have nothing against them either.

A miniature .32 (think Keltec size). Maybe up it to the beefier .380 version. I can conceal a service-sized handgun on myself in any situation (and have done so; my Taurus once disappeared with just a tank top and shorts). However, this is uncomfortable and I'm willing to go to a "sub caliber" for extreme concealability when I absolutely can't accidently flash even the holster.

A 2" .38spl snub, probably a Taurus 85 or one of S&W's pre-lock offerings. This would serve as an alternate to the mini-auto and backup the rest of the time.

Another pinned and recessed S&W M19. Man, if I knew then what I know now.

An inexpensive, albeit quality, centerfire rifle. I've never owned one. I have been looking at carbines and assault rifles; however, I just want a main battle rifle. Full power, heavy (but not ridiculously so), with a bayonet option, just because. Never know when I might have to finish a coyote.

That's my short list. I'd also like duplicates of some currently owned firearms -- one can never have too many Romanian Trainers IMO, and my shotty is set up as a combat gun right now. I'd like a sporterized verion of the shotgun.

What would you like?


Josh <><

in order:
1911 long slide
m40a1 rifle
a carbine of some sort, have not fixed on one yet
under appropriate conditions; h&k mp5
if I had all these and wanted one more: Glock 18C
that, plus my hi power would just about do it!

In no particular order:
Stoeger Luger
Thompson subgun
Broomhandle mauser

Its a long list, but these are nearest the top!

S&W model 65 and 650 both with 3 inch barrels..and another Sig 229..maybe eventually a Para Ordnance P-12 .45ACP..or better yet a Colt Python in stainless with a 4 or 6 inch barrel

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Oh jeez a list of firearms I'd like to have? Let's start with long guns...


Winchester 1895 levergun in .405 WCF
Marlin 1895 Guide Gun in .45-70
Springfield M1A in .308
FN-Fal/HK G3
Class 3 UZI w/9mm and .45 receivers and a suppresor.


Winchester 1897 (or clone) in 12-gauge
Browning/Remington Auto-5/11 12-gauge
Mossberg 590 pump setup for defense

Handguns (Revolvers):

3" Ruger GP100
3" K-Frame in .357
4" Colt New Service 1917 in .45 ACP
2" Colt Detective Special/Agent/Cobra
3" N-Frame (one in each of these calibers .41 Magnum, .44 Special, .45 Long Colt, and .45 ACP)
3/4" Colt Police Positive Special
3" Colt Python(Ultra Rare!)
4-5" Ruger Blackhawk (old frame style) in .357 and another modded to .44 Special
Webley MKVI shaved for .45 ACP w/moonclips. 4" barrel and fitted on with MK I or MK II bird's head grip style.

Handguns (Autos):

Colt Lightweight Commander in .45 ACP
Browning Hi-Power
Smith & Wesson Model 39
Walther P99
Walther P5C
Walther PPK
CZ 75 Compact or Rami 2075

As you can see it's a fairly extensive list. I figure if I buy one or two guns a year it'll take anywhere from 15-30 years to complete this list. I figure some years I'll be able to buy two or three of these pieces, but a few (Uzi, P5C, Webley, Python, Winny 1895) will probably take longer to locate than others.


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Pm me, as I have a Remington model 11 that is in very good shap that I do not shoot. I'd rate it about 90-95%
not looking for alot of $$$, just someone that'll apprecaite it like I do. Really!

PM me for my email, I'll send you pics and such.


Now as far as a wish list.....

A mint K22
A mint K32 [original]
A luger
A P7M8

An old but decent shape winnie, say a model 92, 97 or 1886
A Johnson 30-06 repeating rifle.
A nice lefty 30-06

Anything 16 gauge.

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As long as we're wishing, I'd like a Winchester 21 in 16ga built on the 20ga action. Straight stock (15" LOP), splinter forend, 29" tubes. A couple were actually made. No way I could actually _afford_ one but I can wish.

Other items I will pick up someday if they come along at the right price:

A 38/44 Heavy Duty. That would give me 38 Specials in all S&W frame sizes save one.

Another NEF single-shot in .30-30W, 280R or .308W.

A set of 9.3x74R barrels for the Valmet 412. Also a set of 12ga barrels.

Another 1897 Winchester. Had one; guy I got it from wanted it back. They actually handle like real shotguns.

One of the Scandium L frame .44 Specials.

A few more .38 Specials, especially in neat configurations.



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Springfield (03 or 03A3; I'm not picky)
M1 Garand
M1 carbine (Saginaw)
Walther P.38 or P.1
Indian High Power
Colt Detective Special (1st issue)
Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless
Mosin-Nagant M91
Mosin-Nagant M39
Springfield Armory M1A

There's definitely more, but I can't think of any off the top of my head.
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