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Fiocchi ammo

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Anyone have any experiance with the fiocchi 9x18 makarov ammo?
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I was given a box for xmas a few years ago. As I don't remember anything bad it must have run fine in my E.G. Generally I think that Fiocchi is decent to good stuff. Sorry that I couldnt be more help.

Not with that caliber, but I've used Fiocchi in several other calibers from 450 Boxer to 12 gauge, and it has all been good ammo.
Hi Mike,

I love Fiocchi!

I had found a source for Fiocchi .380 FMJ (the imported purple box) that has since dried up. I regret not buying a case.

What a flamethrower! It was like a .380 +P+ from my little Beretta. Love the stuff. Only wish I could find it in JHP.

I've seen that FiocchiUSA has .380 in the "blue box" but I've not tried it. If other calibers and the USA "blue" is the same as the other, I'm a Fiocchi fan!

I'd be interested to know from anyone who's tried the blue box if it seems hotter than most.

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thanks for the respose guys!I've been checking some out @makarov.com for use at our local indoor range.never tryed any so i wanted to see what others had to say about it.thanks again.
Hello. I've noted no differences in the ball rounds from either purple or blue box Fiocchi, but have not shot many of their JHP's.

I may be remembering wrong, but it does seem like Fiocchi's .32 ACP JHP might be hotter than most. Again I cannot remember and don't have any data on it.

In 9x18mm, from a Bulgarian Mak the Fiocchi 95 gr. FMJ averaged 1018 ft/sec with an extreme spread of only 28 ft/sec. The same ammunition average 1020 ft/sec when fired from an EG Makarov.

The muzzle flash produced (by the .380 I've tried) may add to the percieved recoil. It seems -- according to Stephen's chrony results -- that Fiocchi 9.2x18 is only marginally faster than most, if at all.

By way of comparison, Barnaul (aside from being stinky
) is "sparky" and a little bit smoky; unlike Fiocchi, which produced for me no less than a 4" saber of flame from the muzzle of Cheetah.

But no. No. The felt recoil was noticable higher with Fiocchi. Definately. I can't explain it, as they use the typical 95 grain FMJ (for .380).

I will say that it is acceptably accurate and I do carry it during the winter months (right now). I have 2 lone boxes (100 rounds) left, which I guard jealously and call My Precious. I should be extremely displeased if some ne'erdowell forced me to expend them.

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