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Fiocchi 9mm

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The Fiocchi 9mm 115/147gr as a viable option self-defense round? The 115g HP runs at appox. 1250fps and the 147gr HP is about 975fps. ???
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Hello. I have not tried their expanding bullets so I have no first-hand observations. I have found their 9mm FMJ to be quite consistent and it has grouped very well for me in several 9mm pistols.

Fiocchi tends to be loaded slightly hotter than a few brands out there, it's pretty good stuff.
The stuff made in Italy is made to CIP pressure specs and may be a little hotter than the stuff made in the USA to SAAMI specs.

The old 115 JHP did not expand well through cloth: 12/.60 bare, 18+/.36 cloth. The new 115 JHP is supposed to be better, but I haven't seen any tests yet. The 147 JHP did about 14.5/.60 in bare gel at 971 fps from a 4 inch S&W when tested in 1994. Don't know if the same bullet is still used.
I use to shoot lots of Fiocchi 9mm 115gr FMJ back in the 80's. It was always on the hot side which the Europeans seem to load there handgun ammo compared to American companies and very affordable.

I was searching for bulk 9mm ammo and noticed Fiocchi 9mm 115gr FMJ at a price I can't turn down per 1000 rds. At 1250 fps and 400 ft pounds of energy plus it's reputation for consistency sold me.

I went to there website and they are now making this ammo in the good ole USA. When did this happen? Has anyone shot this ammo lately, and is it compariable to the Italian produced that I remember? I'm so far out of the loop at times.........
Got these boxes of 9mm and 380 Fiocchi at the Springfield Mass. Gun Show.
3 boxes for $21.00.
For my 1955 FNHP and Non import 1967 German Walther PPK 380

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