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I have a CZ75b compact that has developed some hiccups - it would FTRB on occasion, and a ramp polish and heavier spring didn't fix it. (This "fix" worked on a PCR I had). CZ suggested that I send in the barrel as the throat might be a little short, but once I finished out a particular lot of Rem 9mm ammo, the problem disappeared. I couldn't trace it to any other culprit, and it previously fed everything, including some old HS 147's which are notoriously long. Also, the slide stop is particularly difficult to remove, sometimes requiring to be gently pried out with a dowell.

I've never, ever had a malf of any kind with the two full-size 75b's I've had. I hate to give up on it, particularly since I've also invested in holsters and other gear, but it's not acceptable in a carry gun. - Especially when other guns run flawlessly thru thousands of rounds.

Although it's under warranty, there's the inconvenience of sending it back, possibly repeatedly, until it works. Has anyone experienced these problems with a CZ compact? And, was it fixed, or did you give up on it?



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Howdy Mr. Mark,

First sorry to hear you are having problems with your 75 compact. The only model I have heard there were functioning issues with is the compact 40, and the factory is working on a fix for that.

My suggestion is addition to posting your question here, go to the CZ forum, and post it in the correct room there. There are many long time CZ owners and at least 3 well respected CZ smiths who are members there. I am betting someone there has encountered a similar problem and can give you a valid, workable fix for it.

Maybe some of our members can help you out as well, but I would also post on that site as well.

Good luck and hopefully you will be able to get it up and running in short order. I do hear good things on that site about customer service should you elect to send it back. But I am betting someone will be able to suggest an easy in home fix too.

Good luck and please keep us updated on this problem.

Sorry my three CZs are the full size models, and I have never owned a compact. So I do not know what to suggest.

I understand that it could have been a particular batch of ammo, but I also understand why you want to be certain that is runs 110% too. So good luck sir.

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