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Howdy, new user here, had my profile deleted and thought I would get a post in before I got axed again

What can I say, nice place.

Info abought me, I work corrections full time, and serve as a reserve officer for the local PD. Spent 6 years in the Marines, infantry OH-RAA! Married 15 years, have four kids, all boys, ages 14, 11, 8, and 5. Two dogs, a mostly beagle mutt, and Zuess, my Great Pyrenese. My Hobby?


As of right now the safe is packed with:

2 Kimber Custom II's

1 Kimber Pro Carry (Series I)

Kimber Ultra CDP II

Norinco 1911A1

Glock Model 20

Glock Model 27

Taurus Tracker 455

Taurus Model 606 (.357)

EG-GW Valor in .22Short

NAA Mini (.22WSM)

Browning BuckMark

Hi-Point Carbine (Nicer then you think)

Ruger Mini-14

2 Remington 870 Wingmasters

1 Remington 1100

Remington 710 in 30-06 (Ok- still at the store, but not for long)

an old .22LR,semi-auto, no markings other then seriel #, no idea who made it- I do know my Great Grandfather bought it brand new through the Sears catalog

my newest toy, a DPMS M4.

couple of Crossman pellet rifels

AND a Daisy RedRider.

I think thats everything, may be somthing in the bottom of the safe I'm forgetting.

I've been contemplating homesmithin on my Norinco for a few years, but as of right now have not dared, been talking to Dave Berryhill 'bought having his MEU(SOC) package done to it, I understand a new article in one of the gunrags is coming out in the next month or so, we will see how that write up compares to his package to make a final decision, but I have been on his waiting list since June or July, so it will most likely happen.

So there go, Josh, please do not 'prune' me again see you on the board, most likely asking annoying, simplistic questions that hvae been posted fifty times already.

Last thing ignore my spelling, I do.

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Hello and welcome back. You might might post you impressions of the Hi-Point carbine if not too much trouble. I've heard that they are as you mentioned "nicer" that one might initially think. I've heard and read this from a couple of different folks but have not seen one yet.

Thanks and best.

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Hello sir, and welcome back.

It was necessary to prune as we had 266 members inactive.

As you have posted a welcome, this will keep you off any further pruning actions.

Josh <><
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