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Field Report: .45 Remington 230-gr. Golden Saber..

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Hello. Pictured below is a handloaded Remington 230-gr. Golden Saber that was removed from a deer I shot using it. From a 6" Caspian Long Slide 1911, chronographed average velocity for this handload is right at 930 ft/sec.

This bullet hit the animal center chest from the front. The rear of the deer was on the ground and it was trying to get up. The chest was higher. I was shooting at a downward angle. The bullet penetrated 14-16" and was lodged beneath the hide on the back. The shot was only about 20 yards. This was the second shot. The first shot hit the deer behind the right front leg and it immediately went to the ground.
That round completely penetrated the animal.

The jacket did separate but was found in muscles only about 2" from the lead core.

When the weight of the jacket is added to that of the lead, the recovered two pieces weighed slightly over 225 grains. Bone was hit but the bullet evidently worked.

More detailed information for those interested:



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Very interesting. I went to your website and read the whole report. As you'll recall, I was asking about 45 auto on deer in the 45 Super thread. I'm thinking that when I move to my acreage, a 230 JHP 45 auto might be all that I need to carry. If it takes deer this well, it'll work on anything I'm likely to come across.
Hello. While I'm not saying that the Golden Saber would be the "end all" of defensive .45 ACP loads, I think it is one of the better ones and is usually reliable in a wide number of .45 ACP handguns. Right now my .45 is loaded with Winchester 230-gr. Ranger JHP (std. pressure) as they've proven so consistent over the chronograph as well as reliable in function and expansion. Were it loaded with Golden Sabers, I'd just leave 'em. I've been pretty well impressed with the handload I used on the deer as well as the javelina I've seen popped using the factory version.

thanks, Stephen,
you're talking about my favorite cartridge. I don't handload, but the Remington 230gr. .45acp JHP Golden Saber performs best for me of all .45acp I've tested.
Hello. You are most welcome! While I don't subscribe to any bullet being "magic" and having abilities to "stop"without placement, I sincerely believe that the Golden Saber delivers about all that a .45 ACP can in terms of delivering its ballistic payload.

just an additional comment about the Golden Saber. While I sure do agree there is no magic 'handgun' bullet (yet), the GS has a heavy brass jacket (much thicker than the copper jackets on other brands) so that as the petals open they are like very sharp knife blades. So there is gonna be a lot more severe wound with the GS bullet. The brass petals are evident in Stephen's picture. And I've seen this in 'wetpack' tests I've done. The 'wound' channel is impressive especially where the bullet first starts to expand (the petals first open to over an inch before they fold over).
Hello, sir. V E R Y true.

You must be mistaken. The experts say you cannot stop a deer with less than 1,000 ft. lbs of energy.

I guess you just ran into an illiterate deer

Thanks for the report!

"A 9mm might expand but a .45 won't shrink!"
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Hahhahahaha! I understsand, Jim. I've run into several of these "illiterate" deer over the years.

On the other hand, I do pick my shots.

But Mr. Camp. The important part. Was he good eatin'. ;) ?
Hello. Hahahahaha! Man, that is right...about being important.

Hunting was and is tough this year as we had a rather mild summer and much, much rain. Plenty for the does to eat and there doesn't seem to have been quite the mortality rate amongst the offspring. They're just now starting to pay much attention to the feeders.

So far this is the only deer I have shot this season.

He WILL be eatten. My father-in-law has seen better days and he and his wife like dry sausauge made from venison. I cleaned the deer, let it cure a few days in a cooler, quartered it and took it to them over the Christmas holidays. It will be eatten without question.

Now I'm hunting for my wife and myself as we like to eat the venision in cassaroles, tacos, and so forth.

I tried to find one a couple of days ago to use my .44 Special on, but no luck.

Maybe soon.

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