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A young guy I work with has been offered a slightly used PA-63 for about a hundred and fifty bucks, which seems like a fair price (that's what they're going for on GunsAmerica). Reported drawbacks appear to be that the right 9X18 ammo is hard to find, since you shouldn't use any +P loads or you can damage the frame; the slide-mounted safety and the high grip can result in chewing up the web of your hand; and after fifty rounds, the gun gets uncomfortable to shoot.

Anybody have hands-on experience with this weapon? The kid wants it for recreation, not self-defense.

Thanks, David
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They are serviceable pistols. I have had three myself. They do beat the heck out of your hands though. +P?? The military loads I used to shoot in mine were hott! Especially S&B. You put a good recoil spring in one regularly and they are fine. You can also put a .380 barrel in one and have better choices.
To learn more about them I would go to gunboards.com and scoll down to the Makarov forum. They're into pistols that chamber the 9x18 cartridge. You should be able to find ammo for it on the Net. The Barnaul is a favorite. Try dansammo and makarov.com.
Degates, tell your friend to look at J&G sales on the net, PA-63's usually about $99.00....Spad
Spad beat me to it but I wanted to point out that $150 for a used PA-63 is high. Ones in excellent condition go for around $120. Besides J&G you can also try aimsurplus.com.

I've never seen +p ammo in the 9x18 round so I wouldn't worry about not being able to find normal ammo for it. I know makarov.com stocks it. I shot the Brown Bear and Silver Bear from my Makarov for years and never had a failure of any kind with them.
You could were a shooting glove. I were one when I shoot my PA-63. Call me a wimp but can shoot all day in comfort.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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