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FEG HiPower

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I came across a nice used FEG HP today--one mag, no box for $300. The trigger was very nice, bu the safety seemed tough to move up.

Is this a good price? anything I should look for in a FEG?
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Hello. I've not kept up on the pricing for FEG Hi Powers, but I think $300 for a used one is a tad high.

Hi there,

I bought my FEG PJK 9 HP NIB for $280.00 about one month ago. It was tagged at $365.00 and I negotiated the price down as it had been sitting in the display case at a local dealers for 2 years. In this area of the country, Hi-Powers are not a popular seller.

The things that I look for in the pistol before I purchase it and my decision for buying my FEG were the following:

1. Slide to Frame fit: With the magazine out and the hammer cocked, check the slides up and down and side to side play.

2. With the safety engaged and the hammer cocked, pull the trigger and observe any sear movement that could indicate any potential safety malfunctions.

3. If the seller will permit you, disassemble the pistol and look for any abnormal wear or peening of the metal contact surfaces. Also check the muzzle crown for any dings that could effect accuracy.

My FEG has been an absolute joy to shoot and I enjoy it more than any other firearm to shoot in my collection at present.

The only changes that I have made to the pistol are the removal of the magazine safety and the addition of Butler Creek aftermarket grips.

By the way, the hungarian FEG's parts are used in the assembly of the Charles Daly HP and I believe were used in the Israeli Kareen.

Best of luck with your purchasing decision,

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Chris :
Thanks for the reply.

The trigger on the one I looked at was very light--like 3-4lbs, crisp and no creep--is this typical?

The safety--the lever is small and seemed tough to get it to engage.Can anything be done with it?

Magazines--which will fit in it?
Hi Mike,

If the trigger is that light and there is not the creepy, scratchy and heavy pull, than chances are the original owner possibly removed the magazine disconnect. You can check and see if it is still installed by locking back the slide and removing the magazine. You should see a paddle shaped piece of metal protruding from the trigger side into the magazine well. Otherwise, check for scratches on/around the trigger/frame pin or on the trigger itself where the magazine disconnect retainer pin is located.

As far as magazines, generally all Browning HP and FN contract mags will fit the pistol. The best deal that I have run across are the FN Hi-Power 13 round contract mags on midwayarms.com. The were selling at $18.95/each. It has been suggested that Meggar Magazines are Browning OEM magazines. It has been also suggested that promag, triple K and other aftermarket mags should be avoided. Opinions vary widely on the subject.

There are aftermarket safeties available through Cylinder and Slide. I do not have enough experience with them to render an opinion and leave that with people that have more experience with HP's than I do.

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I used to have the FEG PJK-9HP. I paid $269 NIB for it. I sold it for $200 ( big mistake, I loved that gun). $300 seems high to me.

Just purchased a brand new pjk 9hp for $250.

My undestanding is that the newer models are a little different and go under a different model name.

Mine has the mag safety and there is no mistake it's there as it feels like there is sand in my triger system.
If I take the mag out it is very light and much smoother. A little too light in fact. For now I prefer to leave it in and maybe I will find a way of smoothing the trigger without taking the safety out or paying out the nose for a triger job.
Chris said: There are aftermarket safeties available through Cylinder and Slide. I do not have enough experience with them to render an opinion and leave that with people that have more experience with HP's than I do.

I had never installed a BHP safety before, but the C&S said all safeties come with installation instructions, so I gave it a shot.

The instructions were short and to the point, and my new safety was in the gun in short order, though I did have to remove it a couple of times to make sure the fitting was exactly the way it needed to be.

In my opinion, fitting the BHP safety is about ten times as easy as the 1911 (harder to screw up, that is). Before and after photos below:

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Thanks for the reply; what kind of sights do you have on that FEG and where did you get them?
MR986: That's not an FEG, it's a Belgian Browning from the late 1970s. My FEG has nice three dot sights that a friend put on before I bought the gun from him. I'll try to get a picture or two of it online in a day or so.
Hi LelandRay,

Nice pictures of your Browning HP!

Did you have to remove any material from the safety when you fit it to your HP?

My FEG sounds similiar to the one you own. My FEG begins with the serial number YGOXXX. It came in a high polish blue finish with blonde looking European Hardwood Grips and three dot sights. It is a sharpe looking pistol and the best shooter my collection of handguns. :)

The only modification that I have made is to remove the magazine disconnect and polish the internal related trigger parts. It shot well before I did that, but shoots even better now. I would not part with that pistol.

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Chris said: "Did you have to remove any material from the safety when you fit it to your HP?"

Yes, I did have to do some fitting, but the C&S instructions were very concise and very well written, so I didn't screw anything up. I do wish the detent ball and spring were permanently installed, though. I sweat bullets worrying that I'd lose one or the other.

My FEG and yours must be cousins, but my serial # is B488xx. No telling how those things are arranged.

I haven't shot this one much, but it's definitely a good shooter; there are just so many Brownings and so little time.
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Hi there LelandRay,

At the time of my impulsive purchase, I bought the FEG on a whim. It had sat on the dealers shelf for 2 years. Since that time, I have been opining for a real HP.

Unfortunately and around here, you just don't see many of them and the last used one I saw was $750.00 out the door (and way out of my shooting budget).

I'll enjoy the FEG until I run into the kind of cash that I can invest in a Browning HP.

Hey, Chris.

The Hi Power isn't real popular around here, but there are a few people who like them. I recently saw an Inglis HP in absolutely gorgeous condition go for $600, but it didn't come home with me. I don't care particularly what the pedigree is so long as the gun shoots well, and those are the guns I have. The FEG will be the next to have a new safety installed, and at that time it might very well become a carry gun, though I'm pretty well fixed with those right now anyway. If nothing else it makes a heck of a nice shooter for banging around in the backyard. While I feel I probably paid a bit too much for it ($275), it had had some very careful TLC, giving it a superior trigger and functioning.
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