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Federal's "Low Recoil" Line of Hydra-Shok Ammo?

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Do any of you have any experience with Federal's line of Low Recoil ammo, Especially their 9mm 135gr Hydra-Shok load, Part No. PD9HS5H?

How did your gun run on it, did it cycle ok, ect.? BTW: Was it lower in regards to recoil?

I'm not so much lookin' for low recoil (all thow it has it's merits) it's the 135gr 9mm bullet that has my interest.

Many Thanks & Take Care,
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Hi Sockman,

Yes, I used them exclusively for a majority of SD carry applications as it is the easiest round to find around my neck of the woods. It is sold in the majority of gunshops around here.

It functions well in my 9 mm HP's, revolvers and I have run a couple of boxes through my SA 1911 .45 ACP.

It works as "advertised".

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