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Hello. I've only tried the "Personal Defense" 9mm version.

This load is a 105-gr. standard pressure load. From a Browning Mk III, it averages 1214 ft/sec. From a Glock 17, it gets 1233 ft/sec.

It has expanded pretty consistently for me in both water and super-saturated newsprint. I have not shot any animals with it nor have I received any reports on its being used for self-protection. It grouped well for me.


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I will shortly be replacing my carry ammo.

A local gunstore has a box of 124gr +P EFMJ. I plan to get this and test it before carrying it.

I do not have a chrono and will only be able to report on the expansion etc. I will have good photos however as I keep the good digicam out where I do my shootin' :)

Josh <><

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Click here.

I was going to get a recovered bullet from newsprint on the second test but have decided for a frontal shot on a racoon or wild dog/coyote instead. I almost had one a couple weeks ago but I would have been risking my humble hunting camp (Wally World special tent set up for five or so years now - I'm afraid to take it down! I just keep a cot and food in there). Prior to that I had a perfect shot, out fishin', but it was state property and I wouldn't shoot.

The whole scoop is this, IMO: The EFMJ is a good round, but not better than most HP. It expands by virtue of internal function (some say mechanical; I say fluid because of the silicone). It doesn't expand as large as some others I've seen but will do about .55". Its +P is only to get it into the 1100fps range. This is necessary due to the longer bullet and case capacity. A standard pressure 124gr HP will do this speed.

Some good news I found: I snapped a shot at a rabbit chewin' on our wild foodstuffs (raspberries bordering the property and you can't walk anyplace without stepping on wild strawberries). Indiana says I can protect this stuff on my land. Anyway, I don't know if I missed or if it went through and through the rabbit. The rabbit took off at any rate.

I found the EFMJ in a few inches of soil. It had shed most of its jacket and silicone, which is why I suspect I hit the rabbit. However, the small lead base had expanded like a hollowpoint. It was eyeballed at about half and inch. Remember, this was soil, damp, in a septic tank saturation field. Performance in flesh may not be the same.

There are some questions about the .40 raised by police shootings, and I think I put a link in my first report.

Josh <><

5 round avgs, FBI test protocol

P45CSP1 200 gr Glock 21 12/14/00

bare gel 978 12.95/.653
cloth 984 13.7/.651
wboard 983 12.15/.676
pwood 982 12.65/.654
steel 992 12.2/.59 (jacket/core sep/77% ret wt)
glass 1002 11.7/.576 (67%)

P45CSP2 165 gr SIG P220 3/6/01

bare gel 1068 9.1/.74
cloth 1032 9.9/.722
wboard 1054 8.9/.726
pwood 1043 9.55/.743
steel 1047 8.15/.58 (71%)
glass 1047 7.85/.578 (61%)

P9CSP1 124 gr SIG P228 1063 fps 1/00

bare gel 12.85/.519
cloth 12.55/.519
wboard 11.1/.525
pwood 13.2/.51
steel 9.5/.466 (65%)
glass 8.5/.511 (60%)

Beretta 92

bare 11.35/.567
cloth 12.1/.552
wboard 10/.563
pwood 10.8/.561
steel 9.33/.492 (65%)
glass 7.9/.526 (55%)

P9CSP1 124 gr HK MP5 1225 fps 1/00

bare gel 11.3/.600
cloth 10.9/.596
wboard 9/.592
pwood 10.3/.596
steel 11.1/.491 (68%)
glass 8.6/.512 (57%)


bare 12.45/.617
cloth 13.3/.605
wboard 12.8/.610
pwood 15.95/.579
steel 11.65/.513 (72%)
glass 11.75/.530 (67%)

Compare to:

147 HS 13/.62 bare, 15/.57 cloth
165 HS 13.5/.63, 14.5/.60
230 HS 13.7/.70, 16.4/.66

The 124 +P 9mm does 1065 from a G19. Into a deer at 15 ft did 14/.55

Mr. Smith's post about the rabbit reminded me of a 9mm 105 gr EFMJ round I shot into a Fackler box ( 1 of 3 fired) where the jacket split instead of compressing and dropped off along with the silicon cylinder, leaving the lead base to penetrate essentially as a wadcutter. Here the base didn't expand, though the end which struck the backstop did distort slightly. I remember other examples of this type failure occurring in ammolab EFMJ tests back when it was free as well. The other two I shot expanded well if lacking in penetration , but I have to wonder how frequently this sort of failure occurs.
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