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Is anyone currently useing either of these American Eagle .223/5.56 loads by Federal?

Federal American Eagle AE223, 55gr. FMJ-Boat-Tail.

Federal American Eagle AE223N, 62gr. FMJ-Boat-Tail.

If so, what's your opinion of these loads? Are they clean burning, consistent, accurate, powerful enough to reliably cycle, Ect..

I looked at a box of the 55gr. AE223 and the cartridges appeared to be well made, polished and had Sealed Primers (Sealed Primers are important to me). The shop didn't have any 62gr. AE223N on hand.

Many Thanks,

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Our department uses the AE223 55 gr. FMJ load for practice and the 55 gr soft point for duty. Accuracy? Can't really comment. We are shooting out of Mini-14's and they are not noted for accuracy. Our good shooters on a good day are getting about 6" groups at 100 yards. Mind you this is for qualification not NRA Hi-Power type shooting.
Hope that helps.


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Hello Wes & Thanks.

I went back and picked up a coupla boxes of the 55gr. AE223 and I'll have'em order me some of the 62gr. AE223N as well.

BTW: The 55gr. AE bullets DO have a cannulure!

Thanks Again.

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Howdy Mr. Bob,

Shortly before I went out on injury leave, my agency had started using the AE 55gr BT-FMJ load, and was in the process of attempting to get some of the 62 grain rounds. The few times I qualed using the 55 gr I had no problems with functioning in a Colt CAR-15 A2. We had also just obtained some CAR M4s with 3 round burst triggers, but I was quite happy to hang onto my A2 in semi only personally. I did not notice anyone having any problems with functioning, but to be honest can not recall anyone having problems with any 5.56 loads we have used. When we got the new batch of M4s they wanted to find a 62 grain round as that was the ideal weight for its twist.

I will check with my shooting buddy and see if they have aquired the AE 62gr and if so what he thinks of it these days. Mr. John is using a personally owned Rock River CAR M4 that he quals with quarertly. Sadly the only long gun his agency issues is his Remington 870.

Like Mr. Wes, I can not recally comment on the accuracy of this load as my slowest fired rounds were 5 from prone at 100 yards, fired within 40 seconds, which I did in about 20 seconds. Using a personally owned Trijcon Reflex I got consistent center mass groupings but can not really comment on overall accuracy.

If you fall into a deal on the Winchester Q3131, I can certainly recommend their 55gr FMJ-BT for both functioning and accuracy. The first 5 rounds I ever fired from my Remington 700 PSS rifle were this load at 50 yards from a bench. (That was the longest shot I could take on the range I was using for quals at that point in time.) Three rounds were the same jagged hole, with the remaining two rounds cloverleafing. Several other instructors wanted to try it out that day using the same Q3131 round, and all have very comparable results.

If I were going to purchase a large amount of 55 grain 5.56 ammo these days, and had the option, based on past personal experiences with a variety of commercial loads, personally I would look for the Winchester Q3131. I am sure they offer a comparable load in 62 grains, but have never fired it. But I would have no reason not to expect it to be just as consistent.

Hope this helps some anyway sir. If you do find some 62 gr FMJ-BT I would be interesting in hearing how you feels it performs for you.

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