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Federal EFMJ 124gr +P

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Hi all,

I picked up the last box of this stuff that exists in my county so far as I can tell.

So far as I can tell this weight has been discontinued. It is not listed under Federal's website any longer, comes in a different box than Mr. Camp's 105gr (more of a "classic style" box), etc. I've contacted Federal but called too late Friday. I'll call back Monday if they don't call me first.

I found this story about the .40 that the Detroit Police use (only confirmed shootings I could find where EFMJ was used):

[quote:wgfgisxw]Bullets Used By Detroit Police Under Investigation
Expanding Bullets May Not Be Effective, Some Cops Say

POSTED: 5:00 pm EST February 23, 2005

It's a troubling question raised by several recent police shootings.

In one, a bullet fired from an officer's weapon bounced off a suspect's head. Another failed to penetrate a robber's winter coat.

WDIV TV Graphic
Now the ammunition carried by Detroit police is under attack.

In a front-page story in Wednesday's Detroit Free Press, it was reported the Detroit Police Department has launched an investigation into the use of the .40-caliber bullets the police department uses. The bullets are known as expanding full-metal jackets.

Chief Ella Bully-Cummings said the investigation was launched after a concern was raised by some of the officers using the bullets.

"It was a couple of weeks ago. Some issues were raised and some concerns expressed over the ammo we have. Anytime it deals with the officer's safety I have to be concerned as the police chief, so I asked that we take a look at the ammo that we have," Bully-Cummings told Local 4 during an interview Wednesday.

Bully-Cummings said the switch to the expanding bullets happened several years ago when the police officers union raised an issue with the ammunition being used at the time.

"It had a tendency to over penetrate meaning it was a 'through and through.' Bully-Cummings said the through-and-through bullets allowed a perpetrator to continue advancing towards an officer. Additionally, it presented a hazard to innocent bystanders.

"If it's a through-and-through, that could injure a bystander," she said.

As a result of that arbitration award, the expanding full-metal jacket bullets were instituted with "the whole intent to stop the advancement of the perpetrator," she said.

Two recent incidents
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All I will say with re: to the DPD is that it is rife with politics..... ::) They have had 'problems' with guns and ammo in the past, and most of it was 'media biased', not faulty ammunition/firearms.
Federal's 124 grain +P Hydra Shoks are easy to find
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