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Fast Non-Expanding .380 ACP Ammunition

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Hello. I frequently am asked about the penetration vs. expansion aspects of the .380 ACP. It seems that folks are split over going with FMJ or non-expanding to insure penetration vs expansion with more limited penetration. Right now, if using the .380, I'd probably go with Corbon DPX, Hornady XTP's, or Remington Golden Sabers, but for those who want a "hot" non-expanding load, the 95-gr. Santa Barbara imported Spanish ammo is as hot as I've seen.

This 95-gr. bullet is sort of a rounded truncated cone in a plain brass case. I don't remember if it is berdan or boxer primed. The bullet appears to be a soft point with the tiny meplat showing lead; I have NOT been able to make it expand.

Based on 10-shots fired 10' from the chronograph screens I obtained the following data:

Bersa Thunder w/3.5" bbl:

Average Velocity: 1029 ft/sec
Extreme Spread: 50
Std. Deviation: 20

SIG-Sauer P230 w/3.62" bbl:

Average Velocity: 1079 ft/sec
Extreme Spread: 78
Std. Deviation: 34

Walter PP w/3.86" bbl:

Average Velocity: 1161 ft/sec
Extreme Spread: 80
Std. Deviation: 27

I have not tested this ammunition very much at all so I cannot comment as to reliability with regard to the cartridges firing, etc, but with regard to a non-expanding factory jacketed round, this is as fast as I've seen.

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