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Howdy folks,

Yesterday my shooting buddy and I were able to venture out to our desert "range" and enjoy a long, but hot day, of shooting. While we still had the desire, we found as the day grew hotter we both felt we were beginning to simply waste ammo as our performance began to drop off. It was 107F here yesterday, with very little shade on our desert facility, lol.

One adjustment living here requires from the east coast, the day grows hotter as it progresses, with the highest temperatures at about 1800 (versus noon). We managed to get an early start, setting up at about 0800, but finally had to give up about 1400.

Earlier this week I had returned from a very pleasant meeting with my CZ gunsmith, who had worked his action magic on my 75B in 40. He had also done the same to a 9mm SP-01 which he then sold me. These two pistols are essentially the same, with the SP-01 having a slightly different grip shape, a full dust cover and a tactical rail. Both barrels are 4.7", with both frames made of steel. Both pistols were purchased in the DA/SA mode with manual safety. This set up allows a DA first shot (if the hammer is physically lowered safely), or standard cocked and locked carry.

I decided with the heat issue, I would only attempt to chronograph factory loads, and leave my handloads for another session. So starting with the 40 S&W factory loads these were my results:

Two groups of 5 rounds each were fired, with the chronograph set up 10' downrange. The two groups will be listed and then averaged. I simply round up or down to simplify the numbers listed.

40 S&W FACTORY LOADS: CZ 75B 4.7" barrel

group 1: 1286 fps, es of 62
group 2: 1309 fps, es of 50
average: 1298 fps, es of 56

group 1: 1323 fps, es of 48
group 2: 1305 fps, es of 29
average: 1314 fps, es of 39

FEDERAL 180gr HS (P40HS1G)
group 1: 1077 fps, es of 31
group 2: 1097 fps, es of 36
average: 1087 fps, es of 34

group 1: 1335 fps, es of 54
group 2: 1331 fps, es of 34
average: 1333 fps, es of 44

group 1: 1214 fps, es of 41
group 2: 1216 fps, es of 18
average: 1215 fps, es of 26

SPEER 155gr GDHP (53961)
group 1: 1351 fps, es of 30
group 2: 1352 fps, es of 40
average: 1352 fps, es of 35

SPEER 165gr GDHP (23970)
group 1: 1276 fps, es of 50
group 2: 1264 fps, es of 20
average: 1270 fps, es of 35


9mm FACTORY LOADS: CZ SP-01 4.7" barrel

group 1: 1100 fps, es of 141
group 2: 1103 fps, es of 151
average: 1102 fps, es of 146

group 1: 1260 fps, es of 59
group 2: 1243 fps, es of 36
average: 1252 fps, es of 48

group 1: 1100 fps, es of 21
group 2: 1098 fps, es of 50
average: 1099 fps, es of 36

group 1: 1293 fps, es of 23
group 2: 1288 fps, es of 52
average: 1291 fps, es of 38

group 1: 1266 fpg, es of 90
group 2: 1325 fps, es of 87
average: 1296 fps, es of 88

SPEER 124gr GDHP (53730)
group 1: 1260 fps, es of 61
group 2: 1263 fps, es of 55
average: 1262 fps, es of 58

SPEER 124gr +P GDHP (53617)
group 1: 1370 fps, es of 45
group 2: 1353 fps, es of 43
average: 1362 fps, es of 44

Hope this information will prove helpful to some folks anyway. Those with a CZ 75B type pistol or a clone, may find it the most useful. Next time out to our desert "range" I will try to spec some reloads in both calibers. Who knows, maybe by then I will have a functioning 357 Sig barrel that will fit into the 75B 40 too.

I did finally receive my 357 Sig Bar-Sto barrel, but my gunsmith was able to confirm the semi-drop in barrel was anything but, and would take some serious fitting. He was about to leave for another match, and we agreed if I could not find someone to fit it locally, I would bring it back up to him with my pistol and some ammo. To be candid, I am hoping EFK Fire Dragon will have their 357 Sig barrels out very shortly, as theirs are truly straight drop ins. Then I can have the Bar-Sto fitted down the road.


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Thanks for the data TG! And thanks once again for listing the stock numbers of the loads. It really helps.

I'll dig into my records and see if there's anything in my files to compare to.



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Howdy Mr. Pat,

You are very welcome sir. On the stock numbers, ammo even within manufacturers can change, so I just feel like giving the stock numbers makes it easier to know if it is indeed a true apples to apples comparison or not. They are on the box, so it is very easy to add them.

Hope you and others might find this useful.


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Hello Mr. Twoguns,

Thank you for the report and I can assure you that the data will come in handy when I go to shoot my newly renovated 9mm CZ-75B.

It is nice to have a velocity data base line to work with other than the manufacturers published data for a "real world" comparison.

Thank you for the time spent in providing us with the information.


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Hello Twoguns & Thanks for the report.

Man, your sure getting some pretty impressive velocities outta both them barrel's.

Thanks Again.

Velocities seem awful high, the heat maybe ? Any one noticed the +p 124gr Speer gdhp's came in at 168 pf ? A factory 9mm major load ?

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Howdy folks,

It was indeed hot but I had both the chronograph and my shooting bench set up in the only shaded area there. But there was no way to keep the heat from the ammo totally. All the chrono work was done first thing, before it got really hot. I kept the rounds on the bench in the "shade" while shooting that caliber, and inside the truck cab with the windows down otherwise. I do not like ammo sitting out in direct sunlight when I an avoid it.

I am not a ballistican, just a cop/shooter, lol. All I can provide is what the data is.

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