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Does anyone have experience with Makarov extended/threaded barrels?

I have gone deer hunting with my father-in-law twice, the last 2 years. I have always carried a .45 Gov't model as a second weapon, in addition to my centerfire rifle. Very comforting, but not very comfortable.

Our state (TN) allows any handgun to be used for hunting that is "at least .24 caliber and a barrel 4 inches or longer". The Federal extended/threaded barrels I believe are 4.2 inches. I do not intend to hunt with a Makarov, mainly concerned with 2 legged varmints. I would get the .380 barrel so as to be ammo compatible with my Colt Pony for normal everyday carry.

Thanks in advance for any comments or input. :)

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Hello. No, I have no experience at all with other than the standard factory Makarov bbl in 9mm Mak. Here's some information that might be of use:


I'm hoping some of our folks here might have first-hand information for you, but if not, you might post your question here:


You might also Email Karl Bloss at www.makarov.com . He's a trustworthy man and a gentleman. He will have information on the extended barrels I'm sure.

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