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Hi All

I'm new here and pretty new to Hi-Powers. I bought a 9mm and a .40 sfs from cdnn and I love them. Having decided to change the sights to Meprolights, I have been trying to drift off the rear sights. No movement as far as I can tell--and I have been using a full size carpenters hammer (with a brass rod, of course).

I just called FN and talked to a tech guy. I wanted to be sure that were not fastened with red Loctite or something. He says that those sights really just cannot be drifted without using a sight adjustment tool.

Can anyone confirm this or make other suggestions? Thanks!

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Hello. I've moved them with the slide in a padded vise and using a brass punch with the end perfectly flat and a hammer. They are tight and the Mk III's having the matte finish seem to be the worst. One one gun I simply could not move the rear sight at all. I took it to my gunsmith and he was able to move it jury-rigging an end mill.

These sights are exceptionally tight. It might be best to take this to a 'smith rather than risk damage to the gun.

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