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Hello all,

These are just some ruminations I've been going over. Feel free to jump in.

Like many others, I'm trained to use my natural weapons if taken by surprise; ie hands, feet, elbows, knees, etc. Mainly I practice this to create distance anymore, but there's always a chance, I think, that disparity of force will not be great enough to warrant pulling a gun.

That leads me to the problem.

Given that I know I will be carrying, and given that I know I will respond a certain way to an immediate threat, I cannot carry in certain locations on my body.

For example, I was looking at a very nice ankle holster while looking at that other leather I eventually ended up buying. I decided against it for one reason only: Chances are very good of my shin or top of my foot meeting an attacker's perineal nerve (click for clarification, hopefully stopping the fight before it has fairly well begun. As well, I don't like the placement of my cell phone due to it possibly taking a strike, but it's a tradeoff: I carry a large cell phone. I was in a bad wreck a couple years ago where my truck was flipped onto its side. I climbed up and out the passenger side door, and immediately found I couldn't use my Sony Ericcson. (For those who are having trouble picturing one of these things, imagine a phone just a bit bigger than a credit card in both height and width, but thicker of course, with keys the size of large rice grains). I just kept dropping the sucker. Finally I was able to hold it and lay on several keys at once, calling 911. I didn't want 911 though; I wanted the Sheriff's Dept. I had no idea how my plan routed 911 - it used to depend on which tower was being used I think, and at that time I believe it would have gone through Fort Wayne, 45 minutes east of here. So, I deactivated that phone and had my old Motorola 120T reactivated. (This phone is the size of a small home phone headset). The downside is that it can't be pocket carried as easily, and I usually have to clip it on using its carrier. I wear cargo pants and it rides on my thigh - not an ideal location for a Thai boxing trained fighter, but better than on my belt where it may get in the way.

So, I have a Taurus 92 in an OWB holster on my strong side. That is good - I like it there. Very comfortable. Front strong side pocket contains "combat" folding knife (clip on) and keys. All very snug and secure.

Right side - extra mag carrier rides here. Two spare mags. May reduce it to one, but for now, two are good. In front of that is a modified Mini-Maglite. I still need a button for the bottom but for now, the twist-to-turn-on method works. I carry it more for a kubaton effect anyway, should I need an impact weapon, as I have excellent night vision. But, it is very bright now.

In front of the Mini-Maglite is a leather pouch containing a multitool. This thing is indespensible. It's saved me on countless occasions, from a quick carb adjustment to unhooking a well-hooked fish to cutting my nails.

That has to stay.

In the pocket below that stuff rides my snub revolver. I've found that it can catch now and again. I think I'm going to have to move some accessories.

However, the pocket mode of carry makes kicking a bit more challenging. Not impossible by any means, just more challenging.

An ankle holster is about the worst thing I could get, even if they are nifty.

I am not built for cross draw. I have "trained" ribs - they were thick enough at age 14 or 15 that I didn't crack them when I fell out of the loft onto the side of a stall, just sprained them. Now, I can take several full out punches to the ribs before I start to hurt, and that hurt is usually only on the surface due to skin bruising. That's what many kicks to the ribs over the years get you.

So, shoulder holster carry is out.

If I'm suddenly attacked, it will likely be partially my fault due to being in condition white. That doesn't happen much, but more than I'd like, and I think that's the same for most people.

I will probably lose my cellphone in the fight to create distance.

It will be a bit harder to use my right leg. Elbows, knees, locks, throws and holds will be the rule here.

I doubt I'll be able to get my hand into my pocket for my snubby, so instead of a revolver for contact distance, I'll likely have to use my automatic and watch the disconnect safety.

I think I've gotten the best carry methods down for myself. They're not perfect, especially in light of knowing how I will react to a sudden, violent attack, but I think the compromises outweigh the risks.

So... I dress my clothes around my guns, and dress my guns around my H2H combatives because I just can't move those, and I believe they'll likely come into play first. I don't figure I'll be approached; that's headed off easily enough. But if it's a sudden attack from the bushes or from an alley, I'm going to need my H2H skills, I'm going to need them desperately, and I'm going to need them NOW if I'm going to create distance to pull a firearm.

What about you? Have you looked at this in yourself?

Josh <><
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