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DoubleTap Ammo?

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Anybody have an input on this company?

The stuff they offer seems to be like magic fairy dust if their numbers are to be believed. What do they do or what do they know that no other ammunition maker (including all the big-names) don't?

They have +p ammo that runs faster than +p+ stuff.

I don't get it...

Is it really that great or is it snake oil?

I don't have a chrono, so I can't test it.
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Dunno about DoubleTap ammo, have never tried it.

However, I have verified for myself (and posted in other threads in this forum) that some standard pressure ammo has higher speeds out of my BHP and Kahr than some +P rounds, so wouldn't be surprised if some +Ps go faster than some +P+s. The +P designation refers to pressure, not velocity. You would think higher pressure would equal higher velocity, but 'taint always so.

All the DT that I've chrono'd (about 7 different loads) lived up to their claims. That said, I've a friend over in TX who earlier this year has had issues with some of their newer stuff. He says that Mike McNett sent him replacement ammo for the stuff that wasn't right, and explained that McNett was expanding and had new help. Beats me.

Buffalo Bore also chronos as advertised. Neither of them puts out products that a handloader can't build himself (various clone loads have been discussed in detail on several forums I frequent), but it's sure nice having someone else do the workup. ;)
So why don't the big commercial manufacturers post numbers like that also?
Big commercial manufacturers post numbers that are generally way over what their products will actually achieve. ::) I find the "boutique" ammo dealers that post the actual handgun from which they took the reading to be a lot more honest.

If you're asking why big mfgrs don't load hot ammo, I'd say probably due to the fact that they've been cutting back the power of their ammo (look at what a .357 Mag factory load would do in the '30s . . . ) due to lawyers/smaller guns/marketing/who knows what for decades. (I don't generally worry about "Why . . . ." What am I, an expert on the ammo market? ;) Once I established that the "boutique" guys are telling the truth, that's good enough for me.)

On the other hand, new powders like Lil' Gun give everybody the ability to safely reach velocities even beyond those of the old '30s loads.
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I have not tried the new items in the line but all of the 10mm ammo I have tested lived up to claims.

I am rather happy with D.T., I should be trying their .45 load.

Jim H.
Their 165/40 GD did 1200 fps from my G23. Waaaaaay too hot for me, but you tigers blast away.
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