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Double Tap chrono'd in my 1076

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Hi folks,

I thought this might be of interest. I just got back from chronographing four different Double Tap loads (one five-shot string of each) through my S&W 1076 (4.25" bbl, std rifling). The range was about fifty degrees Fahrenheit, and at about 5300 feet above sea level. Here's what I got.

180-gr Gold Dot JHP: average 1291 fps, extreme spread - 38 fps, standard deviation - 15.32 fps

180-gr FMJ match: average 1198 fps, ES - 50.30, SD - 21.02

200-gr XTP JHP: average 1141 fps, ES 21.24 fps, SD 9.21 fps

200-gr FMJ-FP: average 1220 fps, ES 63.47, SD 25.31

The 180-gr Gold Dot load kicked noticeably more than the other loads, and threw the brass hell-and-gone the furthest (despite the extra-power Wolff recoil spring and firing pin spring I've installed per Mike's advice). I was quite impressed with its performance, though, and will darn sure keep carrying it as my walking-around-civilization load. I was surprised to see how mellow the 200-gr XTP load developed from the short 1076 barrel. I had been carrying that as my hiking load, but now I'm giving some thought to just going with the warmer 200-gr FMJ-FP load.

Incidentally, I'd been getting noticeable primer swipes, but installing the extra-power firing pin spring that came with the heavy-duty Wolff spring has almost eliminated this.

I hope this was of some interest.
cheers, erich
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I allways apreciate actual chrono data from actual guns. Kinda cuts through alot of the hype and lala land numbers. Do the offer a 180 gr XTP ? Ive got alot of faith in that bullet.
I don't know offhand, but their website would say. McNett has been pretty responsive in offering loads folks want, including a Garrett "Hammerhead" in 10mm.
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