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For quite some time I've been marking my carry ammo, on the case head, for ID purposes, should I ever be in a shooting. I find that a black/green/red (your choice) indelible marker does a good job and is fairly wear resistant. This identifies your casings and helps confirm the number of rounds you fired.
Additionally, I never mix my my ammo types(candy cane) because I want to know that any bullets found are mine, if they can be tied back to the round I fired (ie, sivertip, hydra-shock, ranger LE, etc.).
Just something to help you should a shooting occur and there are questions from the law enforcement and/or the legal beagles.
Would like to know your take on this...again, just my humble opinion.


No need to mark your ammo.........after its fired, its marked.

As the case head will have an imprint of the breech face on it.
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