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Last week I walked into my favorite gunshop and spied a very clean second hand USA Beretta 92fs with the plastic case and two factory 15 round mags. I field stripped it and it looked like it had never been fired.

Today I went back to the shop with a Norinco MAK-90 7.62x39 in like new condition and did a deal for the 92.

I already own a 92fs and a 96 .40, so I'm no stranger to the Beretta. I detail stripped the new 92 and as far as I can tell, it hasn't been fired since it left the Accokeek factory. One interesting thing about the mags. They are marked PB Made in the USA and have metal followers instead of the white plastic followers in my other 15 round factory mags. Perhaps this 92 is an older gun than my 1994 92. Serial number is BER22176xxZ. Can anyone give me a manufacture date?

So I went from two MAK-90's and one 92fs to one MAK-90 and two 92fs's today. I think I'm better off with two Beretta's than two MAK-90's. Now I need a hand tooled two gun holster/belt rig with at least four mag pouches for the Beretta's. Yeah, right........

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