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Desert Eagle

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I'm thinking about buying a D-E some time, a .357.
But I heard of a lot of 'diseases' with this gun, like some bridge breaking?
From what year on are they reliable?
Any other problems to look for?
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Hi there Yana,

While I don't own a desert eagle, I do have a neighbor that bought one in .50 calibre and he has had zero problems with it and shoots about 50 rounds each time he goes to the range. It is a massive handgun by design!

So massive in fact that he is going to convert it to .44 magnum as the the bolt assembly will work for both and curtail the additional expense of shooting it. .50 AE is very expensive when compared to .44 magnum.

With its dual spring design and massive slide, I don't see any forseeable problems in the future with it. I have shot it and it is a handful. Loaded with the same slide mass in .357 magnum, I wouldn't anticipate any problems as there are much lighter and smaller framed firearms in this calibre.

His desert eagle has been reliable from day 1, but he takes a great deal of care in cleaning and maintaining it. I don't know what "diseases" you are referring to with the desert eagle, but I can only report that my neighbor has had "zero problems" with his.

BTW. He liked the design so much that he bought the "baby eagle" as a companion piece for his collection.

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A friend of mine had a crack in the bridge in the frame. Non-repairable..
And thats bad for such an expensive handgun!
They should've reinforced that part by now, but I don't know from what year.
Hello Yana,

I thought you were a High Power girl?

Always Remember: Quality is not expensive, it's Priceless! Stick with those FN-Browning's they won't let you down, plus they have Class... Lot's & Lot's of Class.

Take Care,
I bought my .44 magnum Desert Eagle back in the mid-1980s. I've never had any problem with it... at least that was the gun's fault. A few years ago, I had a brass case rupture midway around its circumference. I reload my cases over and over again and this one surely suffered from metal fatigue.
Anyway, getting the partial stuck case out of the chamber was a real pain in the neck... but all's well that ends well.

IMO, it's built like a tank -- I've shot some mighty stout loads from mine with no issues to report.

I'm only an average marksman (on a good day), however I can often hit water-filled milk jugs @ 50 yds. from a rest with one shot.
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