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DA HP......

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OK, I've been lurking,finally joined up.....because I've found a DA HP at the local goodie store. "Assembled in Portugal" stamp on slide. The counter guy checked it and handed to me cocked...I looked at the 'safety' and saw levers on both sides of the pistol.Hmmmmmm....hit them and the hammer dropped..Well,well..
Would this be worth selling a Win. 75T for? Gun was tight,had decent sights...I see these are a 14 rd mag,any difficulty in finding those? Are they just a red-headed step-child or an HP that isn't worth bothering with??? Thanks! JP2
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Hello & Welcome Aboard,

Since The High Power Section is only for the Single Action High Power and it's single actions clones, I'm moving your thread to Semi-Autos.

Cutter, I suspect that what you were looking at is a Browning/FN BHP with the Safe Action System. The SAS makes the gun essentially a Double action first shot but with a single action pull. The hammer is down, but the action remains cocked.

If I'm correct, then it isn't a 'red-headed step-child', but really a High Power with just a few S/A action parts replaced with a few new SAS ones.

Did it look like the one in this thread, except for being a full-size frame & slide?
Bingo! That's the critter,except that the one I saw was full size...but I do like that compact. Hmmmmm....I've been looking for a 'Commander-sized' pistol to use as another carry gun(can't have to many,"Don't leave home without it",y'know)
They were asking $425, which seems OK,even for cheap-a## me....May have to move along some safe queens this weekend...
Okay. That is the DA and not the BHP witht the Safe Action System.
Mags for the DA can be hard to find. Friend has one.


Based on what you describe, seems to be a Browning BDA9


I have one, it's a double action with decocker levers. It's a fine pistol, but the trigger pull is a bit long even in single action. $425 is a good price, I paid $500 for mine, altough I've been told that the mags are hard to find in the US.
on the Browning BDA9
I have converted normal HP mags to work with the BDA9 by cutting a half moon over the mag lock notch. I copied one that I came with it that would work with both new and old pistols, I did not wish to get my mags mixed up if I grabbed the wrong one.
If you do this it is hardened steel, I used a dremel tool grind it out and then polished it smooth.
You will need to remove the mag release from the BDA9 and put in the BDA9 mag and see where the half round whole is and then put in the old style mag and then mark the place to cut the steel to.
It is hard to find mags for the BDA9 so I did this and it works fine.
FYI the BDA9 can have the mag release moved to the left side of the pistol.
Could this be the BDM or BPM-D, made in the 1990s and no longer supported by Browning? Standard cap mags are impossible to obtain now....
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