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Czech 7.62x54R - What Can You Tell Me About It?

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Hi all,

I picked up some Czech "silvertip" made in 1963.

When I went to research the stuff, I found a website that is selling it and claims that it's not corrosive.

I have a very hard time believing that. Does anyone have proof to the contrary?

Lessee... it's 147gr and doesn't seem to be driven as fast as some other stuff. I'll let my shoulder judge that here in a few minutes. It looks quite a bit like commercial Brown Bear but it's lighter. Is it considered mild AP?

How's the accuracy compare to other milsurp?

And, how are the local prices, meaning, no shipping? I'm wondering if I got a good deal.

Anything else?


Josh <><
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It is designated "Light Ball", it is not AP, and it is VERY corrosive.
Howdy Josh,

Is this the stuff?


I would share your healthy skepticism about claims that it is non-corrosive.
I would strongly counsel that it be treated as corrosive.
In any case, it will be Berdan primed, steel cased and not reloadable. I don't know if you are thinking of reloading for the cartridge any time soon (I dimly recall you were debating it since ammo prices have been rising so steeply...), but if so, save the brass Boxer primed cases.

The link on the "bxn" 1963 ammo above suggests that many Mosin shooters find they have "sticky bolt" syndrome with the lacquered cartridge case. After your methodical tests with the USSR stuff, I guess I'd check about the overall case length and what-not.
As to it being "AP," the claim is made that it has a mild steel core. You might see if the bullet attracts a magnet. My suggestion would be to buy a small amount, shoot it, and see what you think before you get a huge lot of it.

As far as the neck cracks on your 1986 USSR fodder, it looks like a neck case crack is not too dangerous because the rest of the case body seals the chamber to the rear. But the bulge case head seems like it is potentially not good.

best, --d.
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Hi Dave,

I shot some yesterday and today.

Yesterday's stuff was pretty good. I shot twenty rounds and only had minor sticking issues with about five, and only a couple need the bolt whacked with my palm to open.

Today, I got a couple split necks and all of it stuck. This was from a different box as I shot all of the first box yesterday.

Yesterday's was more accurate as well.

The overall case length was on par with commercial and properly sized military stuff. I'm still not sure what the deal with the Russian stuff was.

So far my M44 likes the 185gr Brown Bear load the best even though it's laquered. Close in the running is Hungarian yellow tipped heavy ball. Neither gave me any feeding, accuracy or extraction problems.

I've yet to find any S&B or Winchester. I like to try a box before ordering and with shipping it about doubles the price to what I can find around here.

So... looks like I'm stuck with Brown Bear for a bit as well as the odd heavy ball surplus that might come in.

Josh <><
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That is too bad about the second box--

Winchester white box: My understanding is that the Winchester round is made for them by S&B. I'm not sure if that is the case or not. Around here I've seen mostly Wolf and Brown Bear, but at shows you might find some other manufacturers too. Shipping costs does drive up the expense that is for sure...
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