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CZ52, anyone?

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Anyone else out there have one of these really cheap, ComBloc sidearms? Though quite obsolete and not really a "combat" pistol, they seem pretty accurate and technically interesting.

What is also thought provoking is a company, Reed's Ammunition in OK, who loads 85gr Hornady XTP JHPs to 1800FPS(?!), and 100s to 1600. This might not make it a fight stopper in the conventional sense, though I suspect it might suffice.
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I was hot for the CZ 52 when they were only theoretical, but when they started showing up here in the early '90s, my enthusiasm cooled. I was surprised to learn that the much-vaunted "roller bearing" locking system would actually blow a barrel well before a Tokarev. I've fired a number of them, and have friends who love theirs.

But me, I stick with my Polish Tok, myself, but I do love the 7.62x25 round. Surplus 88-grain Romo ball does 1549 fps with single-digit SDs - and it's a penetrating SOB! ;) (But the light bullet should help keep overpenetration to a minimum.) I like how the round is utterly wonderful to shoot insofar as it doesn't recoil noticeably, but it gives enough of a crack to draw bystanders and to let you know that you've launched something of consequence.

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I have one, yes.
I thought it was an interesting gun- unusual design, only made a couple of years, etc.- so for about $100, I got one to study a while. I didn't really plan on keeping it, but I've hung on to it for a while now.
I've only shot it a couple of times, and really can't justify keeping it around. But for the money I have in it, it might as well stick around as a Cold War souvenier.

Speaking of the Cold War, I've read that penetration was the goal with the CZ52/7.62. They knew that NATO was experimenting with body armor for general issue at the time (Warsaw Pact was too), so they wanted a pistol with at least some ability to penetrate it if needed.
But I wasn't there.

I don't think the 7.62x25 is much of a defense round, even with fast expanding bullets... although it should help, and I'd like to see some gelatin or water or whatever tests. (I wonder how it would be with the Barnes bullet CorBon uses in their DPX .30 Carbine?)
I suppose one could argue that a few metric tons of Germans fell to 7.62x25 bulets in WWII, but I would think most of them got several of those bullets poured into them.
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Speaking as a 1911 / .45 man myself, I would agree that in the conventional sense, 7.62 Tok is NOT a "stopper."

Having said that, I know a lot of people who feel well armed with .32s, .380s, and .38 snubs that are all far harder to accurately place shots with.

That, and the Hornady XTP bullets appear to work at a pretty wide range of striking velocities; combine the two plus the reliability of feed of the bottlenecked case, and? ...
Stopper? Are you woofing me? That baby was designed to drill holes in about anything reasonable...you put the hole in the center mass, and tehn the "'stopping" is not necessarily like being hit by the "Hammer of Thor", but then a hole is a hole. Incapacited and dead, soon enough. Get real; It's a pocket rocket.
Hello wadwizard,

The put downs are unnecessary:

Stopper? Are you woofing me? That baby was designed to drill holes in about anything reasonable...you put the hole in the center mass, and tehn the "'stopping" is not necessarily like being hit by the "Hammer of Thor", but then a hole is a hole. Incapacited and dead, soon enough. Get real; It's a pocket rocket.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion and it is unnessary to for you or anyone to respond with sarcasm.

None of us here are considered "experts" in the field of terminal stopping power and your post doesn't indicate whether or not you actually own a CZ52 in the first place?

The author of this thread started this about inexpensive ComBloc sidearms, not "stopping power".


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Howdy folks,

We try our best not to make many demands on our membership. But we do expect/demand (choose your favorite word) that our members type as gentlemen, even when holding a differing point of view. Opposing viewpoints are welcomed for the discussion they can generate in presenting both sides of the coin. But those viewpoints should be presented calmly and politely too. We simply do not tolerate "my dog can lick your dog" type comments.

Also another rule I wish to remind our membership of, and as a LEO it is one I do pay attention to. We do not allow discussions of calibers or loads and the penetration of body armor. Please stop and think about that one for a second, and I think the reason behind that is obvious. Many of our members are either military or LEOs and often trust their lives daily to the protection offered by body armor.

While the vast majority of our membership may slip with an offhand comment and mean nothing by making it, there is always the possiblity someone could be lurking here for less honorable reasons. If they are, there is no reason to help them in their quest. That is another reason for this rule.

Thanks for understanding, and please let's remember to be gentlemen in our comments, and not discuss body armor and ammo. There are valid reasons for both expectations/rules.


P.S. For anyone who has not yet bothered to read our rules, please take a few minutes to do so. I can assure you that the moderators would much rather type comments discussing various firearms issues, as opposed to comments in which we have to moderate. Thanks.
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I have one.
It is an interesting gun.
Now that decent HP ammunition is being made for it, it has potential for being used as a self defense pistol.
I think it is fair to say I have a fondness for the CZ52. I enjoy them for what they are, and I especially like the attention I get when I go to the range and shot them, heads turn and questions are asked, and several what to shoot them. I have put many a round down all three and zero problems. However, as a CCW or home protection pistol, its not for me, but that is not saying it couldn't carry it weight. As to stopping power I have heard many stories, I for sure would not want to be hit by one. Below are three I am very fond of, and with the custom grips find then a pleasure to shoot.

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They're interesting and inexpensive, but I always thought they were too ugly to own. But I've said before - Papabear's photos could make a dogbone look collectable.
nbender & gib,

Thanks for your kind comments, much appreciated......

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