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CZ Model 52

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Had the opportunity to pick up a "reconditioned" CZ52. Was really surprised to find out the amount of energy the little 7.62 Tok round kicks out!

I don't think this will ever be a carry weapon but just curious if others have experience with it. Whole other animal from the CZ75 - which is very BHP-like to my thinking.

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I have one; have shot a friends as well.

Lots of fun; always draws attention when you touch off a round. (the muzzle blast and concussion; not to mention the spent case flying 20 - 30 feet

You can find out more on the Curio and relics firearms sites; here are a couple of links.



You can order specialty ammo loaded with JHP's; ball ammo is definitely NOT for carry.


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I ended up with three....they are great plinkers and a bargin for how well they are made.

For lots of good information go over to www.makarov.com They have lots of accessories. The most useful is their heavy duty firing pin kit. It makes the trigger pull about like a well done 1911. Makes abig difference when shooting.

Sellier&Ballot makes real good ammo. It runs over 1600 fps and goes bang ever time you pull the trigger. Cheaper Than Dirt has it for about $8.75 a box..and it is reloadable. There is another small ammo maker that has defensive ammo loaded with Hornady 90 grain XTP hollow points that are doing 1600 fps. You can also get dies from Lee and brass from Starline. magsafe also makes a Defender that I think is going 2000 fps.

If you are looking for a holster the ones for the Beretta 92 fit almost perfectly. I found a used Askins Avenger for $15.00 and it fit perfectly.

About the only weak point some of the 52s seem to have is a brittle firing pin, although I don't know this firsthand. In any event the "common wisdom" suggests not to dry fire these guns.
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