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What's the deal with the new generation of CZs? Is CZ planning on phasing out the CZ75B series and expand the P01 and SP01 series?

How do the new CZs compare to the CZ75Bs?

Cosmetically, they have added front cocking grooves (which I hate), extended the beavertail, extended the dustcover (which I like),and added an integral accessory rail and increased magazine capacity.

To me the front serrations, the accesory rail and the larger magazine capacity dont seem to do anything except make the gun heavier, bulkier and/or more expensive.

Have they made any real improvements to the action, or to the trigger or are they just trying to cram as much as they can into one pistol with hopes that current CZ 75 owners will buy these new ones as well?

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Howdy Mr. Nelson,

I am certainly not an "expert" on CZ pistols, just a very satisfied owner/shooter.

As far as I know, I have heard nothing to suggest that CZ is going to stop production of its 75B line of pistols. That is their true bread and butter to be honest, and I think it will be around a longgg time.

As I understand things, the P-01 was designed specifically for the Czech federal police, as a replacement platform for the 75s they were carrying. They added the tactical rail and the alloy frame, probably at the request of the Czech police, or simply to be a bit more "progressive" in the design. I am not sure, just thinking out loud there really.

The SP-01 is the 75B, full size version, offered on the steel frame again, and from what I understand, was geared to folks who shoot competitively as their primary market. That is why some of the features, such as the extended beavertail is there, along with the higher capacity magazine.

From what I hear, many competitive shooters are very taken with the SP-01 pistols. But I would be very surprised if it ever "replaces" the 75B. If you have any other questions I can help you with, please post them or send me a pm.


Twoguns pretty much hit the nail on the head. The Czech Feds wanted a light, compact version of the CZ-75, that fit even more hands, and had a decocker, rather than a manual safety. The accessory rail was their idea, too, I'm pretty sure.

CZ did all of the following to the decocker CZ-75B compact, and the result was the P-01.

Higher cut into the backstrap, for a slightly better fit for small hands.
Shortened trigger pull, by virtue of a thinner trigger.
Accessory rail.
Alloy frame.
Lengthened dust cover and full-length guide rod, to compensate for the loss of forward weight due to shortened slide and alloy dustcover, thus maintaining the original 75's excellent handling and balance characteristics.
Lengthened beavertail, to eliminate any hammer bite that the ring hammer did not already do away with.
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