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Alright, after all the praise that the CZ's have been getting I've decided to purchase one in 9mm. I'm looking for information from those of you who have shot the DA/SA versions and the SAO versions. To clarify, I will carry the gun in the cocked and locked SA mode and have no intention of using the double action mode. While this may seem to simplify the choice, I do have some questions in regards to the differences in the triggers of the standard DA/SA and the SAO.

Has anybody noticed a significant difference between the SA pull of the DA/SA and the pull of the SAO? Is either trigger "crisper" or "better", out of the box, in your opinion?

Secondly, I've noticed the slide profile and safety lever profile are different on the SAO. Will this prevent its use in a holster designed for the standard 75B?

If the triggers in SA mode are comparable on both pistols then I will probably go with the standard 75B as it will be easier to find holsters that might be tightly boned for the gun. And it would probably just be more convenient to have the standard model as it is most likely more prevalent. However, if there is a true, significant improvement in the SAO model then I will probably go that way.

Thanks a ton in advance for the input!!

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"The CZ 75 B SA (Single Action) is identical to the CZ 75 B in all aspects, except that it has a single action trigger mechanism and a drop free magazine. The trigger is a straight blade type and is adjustable for over travel. This version is perfect for sport shooting."

I copied this off the CZ site for you. I own the CZ 75 B SA and like it a lot. My friend owns the 85 da/sa which is pretty close to the 75. Both triggers have about the same amount of take up and pulls were close. Shoot them both and decide.

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Howdy sir,

I can not give you a direct comparison, as I have never fired the SA only model. I do have a 75B in 40, am about to buy my second one in 40, and then will add a third in 9mm. All of them will be the DA/SA model with manual safety. My current 40 is at a CZ smith, who has installed a more curved trigger in it (the P-01, SP-01 trigger) which will reduce my DA pull over the trigger reach the silver trigger currently offered. The silver trigger is the standard, older one. The black one which I am told is now being installed in some newer DA/SA ones, is the P01/SP01 more curved trigger.

The smith has also done his magic on an action job on the 75B. That work has been over for months now, but I am waiting for him to pull an SP-01 in same configuration from his inventory and do an action job on it. I will drive up do the paperwork on the SP-01 and bring everything home at the same time.

I will also carry my 75B largely in SA cocked and locked as well, as that is the action I prefer. But for me having the DA option of carry may well be a plus at rare times too. With the shorter/more curved trigger, I would have no problem lowering the hammer and carrying DA first short if a situation meant folks would not be as concerned with the hammer locations. Not all shooters understand SA mode of carry is safe if you understand how to operate one. Just a side note, the mags do drop freely from my 75B in 40 as well.

I do agree, if you can find a gun store with both types of actions as rental guns, shoot both. If not try to find friends who have both so you can do a hand-on comparison yourself. But shooting rounds I am told will smooth the trigger pull and some shooters send their CZ to a smith for a little action magic too. So the comparison may not be true apples to apples either, if one pistol has either been worked on or shot much more than the other.

Maybe the most valid comparison would be to at least try the actions in NIB models, so you can see how both feel as stock weapons. I could not give you the comparison your requested, but hope my comment may help you a bit anyway.

Whenever you make your choice, we would enjoy hearing your range report on what you purchased too.

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