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Howdy folks,

I wanted to mention a new soon to be source for conversion barrels for the CZ-75B pistols.

I have been dealing with a well known barrel manufacturer in an attempt to purchase their 357 Sig barrel for my 75B in 40. The short version is when I ordered my barrel back in mid February the web page indicated I would have it within 2 to 4 weeks from the time or order. I have been waiting patiently as I do understand delays can happen.

When I called up my order status it noted my order date and indicated shipment should take place within 4 to 6 weeks of my order, a different date, which is well past now too. This week I made my first two calls to this company on this order. They now tell me I will receive my barrel, but their best guess is it will take perhaps another 6 to 8 weeks before I do. But they want me to call back next week to obtain a more firm delivery estimate.

More importantly, they informed me they were going to stop offering the 357 Sig barrel for the CZ-75B.

I just got off the phone with the owner of EFK Fire Dragon, another barrel manufacturer. He does not currently offer any conversion barrels for the CZ-75B pistols. He does list some for other similar brands but has told me they do not function perfectly in the CZ because of different design specs.

I was informed that by mid June he anticipates having his barrels in stock for the CZ-75B in both 357 Sig and 9mm down/conversion. I already own two of his barrels, and in my opinion both are extremely high quality and very accurate. He also sells his various barrels at what I feel is a very reasonable price - less than the company I have been trying to get my barrel from in fact.

They are also manufactured to be a true drop in with no fitting required. I have been extremely pleased with my existing barrels from EFK, and am looking forward to being able to buy several more for my CZ pistols now too. I currently have his 357 Sig barrel for the HP and his 9mm down barrel for my P226R, and I know both of those barrels will shoot far more accurately than I can.

I just wanted to make anyone who might be interested aware, that there should very shortly be a new source of quality barrels for the 75B pistols. I can also tell you in my opinion it is a pleasure dealing with EFK. They will not accept an order unless they have the barrel in stock, and when I ordered my first two barrels, I had them the next day. We are in the same state, but I still did not expect such prompt shipment in response to an order from a new customer.

Again I do not work for EFK, and if I bumped into Mr. Frank on the street I would not know who he was. But I think folks are very quick to post problems they experience with various vendors, which is helpful if it prevents another member from experiencing a similar problem. I just did that in part in this post, but simply elected not to name the company I have experienced a problem with. (But to my knowledge there is only one company at present who advertises the 357 Sig barrel for the 75B.)

I simply do not think most of us take the time to praise a vendor who simply delivers what he advertises in a professional manner. I should also add that the EFK Fire Dragon barrels come with a lifetime guarantee to the original owner.

If folks who own the 75B now, or who have been debating possible buying one, have debated adding another caliber or two, this is one company I can readily suggest you check out. He also offers a fairly wide range of barrels for various brands and models too.

Just as a reminder on changing calibers - the way I understand things, you can always convert down in caliber, but never up (assuming you can find the barrels you need). So if you have a 40S&W you can simply replace that barrel with the 357 Sig barrel, as they are made to the same outer dimensions ( or vice versa). You can also buy a 9mm down/conversion barrel, as they are manufactured to the same outer diameter to fit the 40/357 slide opening. However, if you own a 9mm, you can not convert it up to either 40 or 357 Sig, as those barrels are too large in diameter to fit in your 9mm slide opening.

Hope this helps someone if they have been looking for a quality source of pistols barrels.

Shoot well and shoot often,


P.S. I did get Frank's permission to post this information on a couple of gun sites I belong to. But he is a small operation, so please just keep checking his webpage for the barrels to be listed. I am sure he would prefer not to be flooded with a ton of phone calls. His web site will allow you to send an email as well if you would like to.

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Any update on this post??
I have a BNIB CZ 75B in 40 S&W and would love to have a 357 Sig conversion barrel.....
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