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I've added some more to the post as I put about 125 rounds through the CZ yesterday.
All shooting was done at 15 yards(mostly unsupported)the results were very good. First, a note, the magazines come with a loading tool...you'll need it! After about 7 rounds it's almost impossible to get more ammo in the mag without the tool. Stout springs.

Feeding: Someone noted that CZ's have "tight" chambers. My shooting bears this out. I had some stopages with my handloads. The rounds would not chamber the last 1/8" to 1/4", but could be pushed into battery and fired. This happened 5-6 times in about 100 rounds. Solution...tighten down the taper crimper and a slightly heavier recoil spring. Same load works flawlessly in my BHP.

Good news! The CZ performed perfectly with Cor-Bon 135 gr. JHP's and Federal 180 gr. Hydra-shock. Even better all rounds go to the same point of impact! That is a very nice surprise.

Groups were good. Even doing speed work and double taps the majority of the rounds were dead center in the 5 ring of a standard IPSC target.

The grip doesn't fit me as well as the BHP and it's guite a reach to the trigger in DA mode. Minor complaints.

Upon cleaning I noted that the handloads had left considerable residue and powder granules in the action. Possibly contributing to the hard chambering of some rounds. Weapon cleaned easily, but was a bear to disassemble. Very tight. The only wear I could see after 125 rounds is some minor "polishing" where the barrel rides in the frame.

A trigger job would be nice, but it is usable from the box.
The checkered plastic grips do not, IMHO, work well, causing the pistol to want to rotate in the hand. Some judicious application of non-skid tape would take care of that. Used it on my BHP and it made a world of difference. Cheap, too. About .75 cents per foot.

Prattled on enough. In short, the CZ IS worth your consideration.


All in all I think the CZ is a winner. Especially at the price point it's being sold at.


My CZ-75 B .40 S&W, Two-tone just arrived. Wanted to give you my opinion of the pistol as I opened the box and inspected it.

Pistol comes in a paper outer box that is tastefully done in a pixel pattern and a CZ logo. Pistol itself is in a padded plastic case with accessories.

The pistol and spare magazine were in plastic bags and had a light oil coating. Very light/wipes right off.
The magazines are high polish blue and are from Mec-Gar. So, I have no worry that they will work. Also, a plastic loading tool was provided. Cleaning gear(nylon brush and plastic cleaning rod) were provided, as well.

At first I was puzzled by the "green" things in with the magazine, until I noticed that a plastic dummy round was provided and the green things were inserts/replacements for the "primer" for dry firing. When I looked at the pistol there was another dummy round in the clear plastic bag with it! Obviously, they mean you to dry fire this puppy!

The pistol itself wasn't a suprise until I noted the this particular model has an AMBIDEXTRIOUS SAFETY!
I'd always heard that was on the CZ-85 only.

Fit and finish were beyond my expectations. Well, the Plastic grips will have to go...;-)
Particulary noteworthy is the machined rib and high visibility sights. These are painted with small dots that are greenish in color and seem to glow. Darned if t hey don't just "jump" out at you.

Test target is provided.

Overall, I get the impression that the folks at CZ are cognizant of the market and have gone the extra mile to add some nice touches that other manufacturers don't even bother with attemping.

If the pistol shoots and functions as well as the indicators show it's going to be a winner.


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A gun company's anticipation of customer needs would definitely get my attention. I'm looking forward to hearing how the first shooting session goes.

I don't currently own a .40 and probably won't unless something really jumps out at me or is just an incredibly good deal. Mainly this is because I'm heavily invested in both 9mm and .45 ACP, and while the .40 might be a great cartridge, I'm at saturation point with the loading gear, ammo, and components I have to buy and maintain.

If I were going to buy a .40, however, the CZ would get first nod. I had a .40 BHP, and I was asking for a refund within 48 hours of purchase.

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It, indeed, does have ambidextrious safeties. Nicely done, too.

Give me an e-mail addy and I'll send you pictures of both sides.

Like you, it left me wondering, too. Had to look to see if they had shipped me a CZ-85 or not.


P.S. My e-mail addy is: [email protected]

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Until recently, I also thought that ambi safety levers were only found on the 85s. Apparently, I was wrong because I have read some posts on other various gun boards that they are also on some 75s.

FWIW, my 2003 CZ 75B duo-tone 9mm has only the one safety lever (left side). Since I'm right-handed, that's fine with me.

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Wes, I think you'll be impressed with your CZ. I've been shooting a CZ 75B in .40 S&W for a couple of years now, and I am truly impressed with the quality and value. A wonderful firearm! Mine has functioned flawlessly with many, many hundreds of rounds through it and is more accurate than I can be. I'm constantly torn between it and my 9mm Hi-Power. To chat with more CZ users you can visit http://www.czforum.com/ and for nice grips, one option is Hakan Pek's handmade grips. He's at http://www.imageseek.com/hakan/ - I bought a pair in Flame Birch a couple of years ago and they're really unique. Good luck, and let us know how it does at the range!

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Here's some info for everyone, but mostly for our left handed friend Josh.

According to my 2005 CZ Catalog, the ambi-safety is now Standard on the CZ 75 B in .40S&W, NOT the CZ 75 B in 9mm. There is no metion in the catalog of the slidestop being ambi on the CZ 75 B in 9mm or .40S&W, only the safety.

BUT, the good news for Josh is, the Ambidextrous CZ 85 B is STILL in the Catalog, this model has a ambi-safety & ambi-slidestop. The CZ 85 B is only available in 9mm with Black Polycoat Finish and has a MSRP of $536.00

Take Care,
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