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CZ 2075 Rami

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Anyone had any experience or seen the new CZ-2075 Rami? No dealers around where I live carry any CZ's :'( and the little Rami looks like a good concealed carry pistol.
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Howdy Mr. Spad,

Sorry but I have never fired or owned the Rami CZ, so I can not give you any first hand experience. However at least one of our members does and appears to think very highly of his. He and others may well respond to your question. But if you will look at the CZ thread directly about yours, regarding durability, within the response is one regarding that pistol you might want to take a look at.

My experience with CZ pistols has been very positive. I currently own 3, and expect I will be adding a few more down the road.

Hope this will help you out a bit anyway.

Twoguns, Thanks for the reply. Much appreciated reading the post on durability. I read Steven Camps review of the CZ-75 and am wondering about the trigger pull, especially the "mushy" take-up. I have an FNHP which I really like , but also some S&W S/A D/A that I hate the trigger pull. I carried a 1911 for a long time and of course like the cocked and locked and the trigger pull. Can't find a CZ of any kind in my area. Thanks again. Bill
I recently picked one up and posted about it here:


If you'd like chrono data, I put a fair amount here:

I like my RAMI a whole lot; it's now the only 9x19 that I have. Please feel free to ask me anything that you'd like about it. :)
Anyone had any experience or seen the new CZ-2075 Rami? No dealers around where I live carry any CZ's :'( and the little Rami looks like a good concealed carry pistol.
.40 or 9mm?

Mines the .40 and can be quite the handful at the range.

Mine does get carry duty in a Galco Yaqui holster. One of these days I plan on getting the 10 round magazines for when I go to the range. Being able to get that fourth finger involved in controlling recoil should help quite a bit. :)

Eric, that S/A trigger pull, can you compare it to a HP or1911? You're gonna have me haunting the pawn shops too. Bill
It's not like either. It's more like a Hi-Power than a 1911, but . . . it's a CZ. It's different.
Thanks for the reply Erich, that does make some sense to me. Talked to all the gun stores and pawn shops around here...No CZ's. I'll have to search further afield.
I've never shot one but at one time I was really interested.
Then I got to fondle a few at some gun shows. For me the grip is way too small. That thing has to hurt.

AFS, I haven't been able to handle one, but the grip is a little bigger then the Glock 26, fatter and taller. I have a Glock 26 and no problem shooting it in 9mm. Just don't like theGlock 26 trigger set-up, to easy to have an accidental discharge, especially iwp carry. Thanks for your input. Bill
That thing has to hurt.
Not at all, at least not my 9mm. Even with +P+, it's an easy-shooting gun.
Wonder of wonders, went into the local Sportsmans Warehouse to get some cleaning stuff and looked at the guns hanging on the wall and what did I see down low but two CZ'z, CZ-75 and a PO-1. I had called them the other day and they said they didn't have any CZ's. Finally got to try thr trigger and look at a 75. Very nice, all I can say was I liked it, can't wait to see a Rami. Eich, is your Rami an alloy frame or plastic? Buds Gun Shop shows two kinds on thier website, little confusing. The Rami in size reminds me of the Crock 26 which isn't hard to shoot either. Bill
Looking at the other website started thinking that your gun was older and researching found the plastic is the newer animal. Sure wish they made an FNHP just a little smaller and lighter, it seems the RAMI is just the thing, love my FNHP, just want something lighter to carry. Thanks again for all your input. Bill
I shot my first one today. Its owner has repeatedly complained about it not functioning and it did exhibit some issues early on. His is a 40 caliber and a bit of a handful with 180s. Later in the session after it had about 400 rounds it began to smooth out a bit and the fail to feed went away. I have little experience with CZs but the 75s certainly work well. I suppose we will just keep messing with it and see where it goes.
Howdy Mr. Spad,

Hope this works as I am flat not puter savvy, lol. If it does it is the link for the home page for CZ-USA. Don't let the link confuse you as CZ also owns Dan Wesson (DW) now too. You can pull up their various CZ pistols and get specs, even suggested MSRP info for various options, versions, calibers. Hope this site will help you with some of your questions with options etc.


twoguns, Thanks for that. I've been onthe CZ site and boy the confusion is something. ??? ::) Picture of the 2075P says alloy frame in the lower discription, but then the little place for caliber shows "poly frame". The picture of the 2075P I finally figured out is the poly. Then to add to the confusion on Buds gun shop they show a picture of the 2075 Alloy under the Poly listing. Gunbroker they show the picture of an alloy on some of the Poly adds. I called up a gun store 130 miles away and they have a Rami 2075 Alloy, so I may be able to go take a look. While searching I came across a Charles Daly HP NIB for $325. :) in a local hardware store.Mighty tempting as I love my FNHP. Oberstlt, Does that stand for Lt. Colonel? Been reading that the Rami 40's have had problems, sure hope it smooths out Seen some pretty low prices on them. I don't shoot .40 myself, transitioned from 45 ACP to 9mm. I have 3 Colt 45's but find the HP is easier to carry but I sure like the looks of that Rami in 9mm.
Thanks again. Bill
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Been reading that the Rami 40's have had problems, sure hope it smooths out ...
It's true that the RAMI has had some issues ... mainly in .40 caliber. The primary cause appears to be with the original .40 magazines and redesigned mags are supposedly on their way. But .40 owners have been hearing that for a while now. :(

Mine was flawless for the first year and a half or so, then it slowly developed a failure to feed issue. Not wanting to wait on the new mags, I sent the barrel off to CZ for a "ramp job". Within two weeks, it was returned to me and function properly ever since.

I may get the new mags when they show up, but until then, I have enough confidence in the .40 RAMI to carry it daily.

I own four CZ pistols. I like the 75B, 75B Compact and 83 very much. The 9mm RAMI sits in a drawer. It is unreliable. I've learned most CZs come "undersprung" from the factory and I usually add Wolff springs. I've tried to get them (Wolff) to make one for the RAMI, but it's a low priority for them. I had hoped the RAMI would fill the niche' left after I sold off my old Glock 26. As it is, I've had to buy another 26.
Pointblank, last week I bit the bullet and ordered one of those Rami polys with the stainless slide (9mm) at a price I couldn't refuse. Sad to hear yours is a dud,
just hope your Rami is an odd one and you get it working. Spad :)
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