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Corbon DPX/Where can I buy?

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I can't find it anywhere? Looking for the 9mm

God Bless
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Feb/March 2006 catalog from Natchez Shooters Supplies:


"Cor-Bon 9mm+P 115gr. DPX ... Reg. $20.26 ... Sale $18.43
Yes, but it's a bummer for me. They won't ship to Tennessee or Alabama! Rats!

Why no ammunition shipping to AL or TN?
I have no clue! Their (Natchez Shooters Supplies) website does not say why they won't ship to Al. Perhaps you could ask them and convince them to change that.
you can order any of the cor-bon line up straight from the factory.
Yah, but a friend of mine ordered from the factory in January and hasn't got it yet!

What has your friend been waiting on since Jan??

The 380 DPX will be loaded on Monday and shipped out by Tuesday. Your friend should receive his order in about 10 days max.

There was a problem when we got to the mass production of the projectile. It seems it was wreaking havoc on the hopper tube and would feed properly. Once we got that fixed, it was smooth sailing. The bullets are to arrive at our factory later today....finally!

We apologize for the delay in getting the 380 DPX out to folks. It was an unforeseen problem!
Natchez won't sell to TN (and some other SE states) because they don't want to hurt/undercut the retailers in the area that they've been doing business with for a long time.

Sucks for me because they have great prices...
thanks, tnpopo,
that explains the reason, but you're right, it sucks!!

nevertheless, my friend received the 380 DPX he ordered, like CorBon said, they did ship it. And my friend is flying here in his private plane in 2 weeks and we will run a wetpack test together to compare the DPX in several different handguns/barrel lengths, etc. I'll post the results up in the Terminal section.
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