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Hello. I recently got my mitts on some of Corbon's new "Compact Gun Load" in .45 ACP. This standard pressure load uses the Barnes X-bullet as do the company's other calibers in the DPX line.

I did not concentrate on informal expansion testing. Others with access to ballistic gelatin are doing so, but when fired into water from a Colt Defender having a 3" barrel, bullets expanded without fail and looked almost like identical twins. This bullet normally penetrates between about 12 and 13" in 10% ballistic gelatin. Weight-loss is practically nonexistant.

This is Corbon's 160-gr. "Compact Gun Load" and an expanded bullet that was fired into water from a Colt Defender. Dimensions are 0.81 x 0.79 x 0.67" tall.

Even though this round is designed with the compacts in mind, I also fired it from a Commander and a Dan Wesson Patriot with barrels measuring 4.25 and 5", respectively.

Based on 10 shots fired approx. 10' from the chronograph, the following average velocities were obtained:

Colt Defender w/3" bbl:
1082 ft/sec

Colt Commander/4.25" bbl:
1178 ft/sec

DW Patriot w/5" bbl:
1217 ft/sec

Accuracy was very satisfactory and feeding was without hesitation in each of the guns tried. Actual muzzle velocities exceed the "1050 ft/sec" printed on the box. There were no malfunctions.

This 5-shot group was fired with the Defender at 15 yards. Shooting was done in slow-fire, with two-hand hold and from a seated position.

The "Compact Gun Load" is reportedly tweaked to provide performance meeting today's accepted expansion/penetration standards and at standard pressures, not +P.

For those interested in more detail, click on the link below:



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Mr. Camp,

Thank-you very much for your posting, your pictures and your webpage on this ammo. This may very well be the cat's meow for us types that like light bullets, standard pressures and that big 'ol .45 bullet!

Oh, and even better muzzle energy out of a 5-inch tube. ::)
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