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My friend in Hillsboro, Tx. used this load for a trapped coyote a couple weeks ago. He was using a 4" model 64 S&W. Didn't say why he used it but I get the feeling the yote was pretty mad in that conibear trap, a popular leg-hold device. He said he fired one round into the front of the chest. The yote hunched his back, rolled over, and quietly died in quiet fashion. He didn't state the exact time frame. He dug the bullet out from midway down, under the hide while skinning it. It appears to be about the targeted 12" as advertised. And for ME, a solid bullet proponent, to say this really is humbling........I went and bought a box for duty my self after hearing his story. Oh, the bullet. The bullet's petals were extended, though two of the six were bent back all the way to the shaft of the bullet. He didn't say what the wound track looked like, he's not in to ballistics. Anyway, thought I would let you know what happened.

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Hello and thanks so much for this information. The "pole axe" hit was a good one to be sure, but it sure sounds like this round is getting expansion and sufficient penetration for needs in the defensive arena. I appreciate your post. To the best of my knowledge it is the first one in which effects on a living target are reported.

Thanks again.

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